Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


25. won the bet

Hey guys , hope you're all enjoying this movella so far , comment what you think .

and here's another chapter , hope you like it.  

He got up , the sun shining at his sleepy face , he walks to the bathroom , and takes a shower , putting on a pair of boxers and heading for the kitchen . 

Weirdly , now that he's fully awake , he noticed the house was a bit cleaner and tidier than it was , and that he had a blanket on when he woke up . 
He shook his head, erasing crazy thoughts , and figured he'd waken up in the middle of the night to cover himself . 

He walked in his room , and stopped right at the spot when he saw the figure sleeping in his bed . 
A huge grin formed on his face as he headed to his closet and put on some shorts , then noticed tiny piles of folded clothes next to his in the closet - He smirked and climbed the bed to lay next to her . 

His head with its wet curls laid on the pillow next to her , while he moved closer and put an arm around her waist , pulling her even more closer . 
She seemed comfortable since she didn't wake up . He admired his face , her red cheeks , her long brown shiny hair which spread around her perfectly . 
His smile grew bigger , as he stroked her cheek with his thumb , then planted a soft kiss on her forehead . 
She tried to move , then clearly felt a strong arm holding her tight . 
She opened her eyes , just to find his green ones staring back at her . Her immediate reaction was to smile , her hand went to his wet curls and started to mess them up , playing with them . 
He still didn't smile , well not when she could see . 

" Morning Beautiful " he said still holding her tight .

" Morning boyfriend " she said with a weak smile , before her eyes wandered down to see his naked chest . His muscles flexed in a perfect way , his tones chest was covered in A tattoo of wings - and "17Black" . 

She moved up her hand to his chest , fingertips traveling to explore his tattoos as she felt His strong abs , she bit her lip , then looked up to see him smiling with a smirk on his face . 

" There they are " She said smiling as she moved closer and kissed his cheeks , aiming at the dimples. 
" Miss them much ?" he asked stroking her cheek . 

She nodded , " I guess you won the bet " .

He held her face between his two firm hands and kissed her softly , she closed her eyes , and tightened the grip of her hand that was in his hair - playing with his wet curls . 
" I guess I did " He said between the kisses . 
He then remembered that he locked the door behind him last night . 
" Um, Babe how'd you get in ?" 
He asked looking in her eyes . 

" I've been here since I left home yesterday . You know , you should hide your spare key in a better place - A theif could easily get inside " She said , hand on his back. 

" Well, if he's as beautiful as you he's welcome anytime . " he said kissing her cheek . 

Wait a minute . 
" Hold up , did you say since you left ?" 
She nodded .
" What about El and her Parents not being home ?" he asked confused . 

She moved a bit away from him , looking down at her hands which were now between their bodies . " I wanted to surprise you . You were mad at me and.." She said looking down , he cut her off " I wasn't mad at you . I can mever be mad at you - I was just upset " He said kissing her forehead . 

" Also, I wanted to see your dimples " She said making a sad face  . 
He grinned , and lifted her head up "You better not love them more than me missy " He said with a smirk . 

" I'm sorry to disappoint you , But it's a bit late STYLES . They have captured my heart " She said moving now closer to him , and into a hug . She felt his toned abs against her stomach and goosebumps controlled her every move . She froze , not wanting this to end . 

" Oh really ?, let me see if I can steal it back " He whispered in her ear as he hid his face in the crook of her neck , smelling her scent and hugging her tighter , then planting a soft kiss on her neck ,  Causing her to giggle and hold him closer .
" Do your best " She said as they both smiled , being in the perfect place at the perfect timing . 


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