Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


16. The restaurant

Justin's POV
I couldn't have been that drunk already , who is that? I rubbed my eyes . 
she entered the restaurant , in a red dress , I looked up at her face - An angel. Her smile was innocent , making me walk towards her slowly , but stop when i see her holding a guy's hand . Who would he be? 
I have to find out .
 I continue walking towards her as she approaches another table with 4 guys and 2 girls causing me to step back to my spot again . 


Harry's POV

Louis came in with Eleanor on one side and Maisa on the other . 
She looked good . Way too good . Her smile while she was talking to Eleanor , lit up the whole restaurant .
Her eyes were sparkling as usual , took me to a whole other world . Yet she didn't make any eye contact with me . 
Louis sat on the side of the table by Eleanor , Zayn and Perrie were nect to them . I sat next to Perrie , and Maisa between me and Niall , with Liam and Danielle on the other side of the table . 

She avoided me . Looked towards Niall with her back facing me and her head leaned on her arm . 
I was still looking at her when Louis called out - " Hey sis " - she turned her head , still smiling-  she looked at me . 

I saw sadness in her eyes , just as i was about to talk , she looked over at Louis " Yeah Louie?" with a fading smile on her lips . 
" Have you decided when are you going to go ? you still have a month ahead of you " . I looked over at him with a questioning look . 
" Going where ?" I asked , I knew I looked way too serious . 

" She haven't told you ? she's off to Yale  in a month " those words wrecked my mood . I stared at her waiting for her answer . 

Maisa's POV 
He looked at me with Blank eyes. 
" I'm off in two weeks , to settle down , get to know the campus and stuff " I told Louis .
His eyes widened as he was looking through my eyes " why didn't you tell me ? " he whispered leaning his head closer to mine . I was just sitting there looking at whatever was in front of me , he was too close . 
" Because it's none of your buisness " I said and rolled my eyes. 
I turned around facing Niall , he was looking at us with sad eyes , he tried to give me a smile , so I wouldn't notice his sadness . 
" What are you up to Blondie?" i said giving him a wink .
" Nothing .. but I'm really gonna miss you " he smiled . 
I immidiately took him into a hug " I'm gonna miss you too ! all of you " 
" Even me ?" I heard Harry's voice ask in frustration . 
I looked at him " Yeah even you curls " .
I gave him a smile , since i wasn't gonna see him for a long time , I figured I should be nice , at least in front of everyone . 
" Good , cuz I'm missing you already. we never had the chance to catch up you know.." he said , whispering again , then giving me a big smile with a wink . 
He is being all cute again ! 
He's  irresistible when he does that. 
" I don't have anything to say to you " .
" Sure you do , don't be like that " he said with hopeful eyes . 
" We'll see about that " i said - he smiled , as if i gave him hope . certainly not !! 
I kept talking to Niall , then as i was looking around I caught someone's eye , he was looking at me and gave me a smile .
Who the hell is that ?


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