Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


30. Perfect

Maisa's P.O.V : 

" Babe , time to get up " Harry whispered in my ear , I opened my eyes to meet his , we were in the same position we slept in , his arms were wrapped around me , my hands grabbed fists of his shirt to keep him close , to feel his warmth. 

As soon as I saw him flash a smile showing his dimples , with his green eyes sparkling - " God , I'm gonna miss this view " I said burrying my face in his chest .

Harry chuckled " Good morming to you two sleepy head " he whispered and kissed my hair . 

I got up and went towards the bathroom , followed by Harry , both of us stood in front of the sink and started brushing our teeth , I glanced at him , he was already looking at me , " What ?" I asked with a smile then washed my mouth from the toothpaste .

He shook his head and grinned at me . 

I rolled my eyes as I washed my face and put my hair in a ponytail , not caring what the hell I looked like in the morning , he has gotten used to me , I hope .. That or he ignored me for the past month in the morning . 
"What time is it " I asked Harry to know how much time I had left , " 10;00 a.m love " 

I sighed , two more hours ... As I stood in front of suitcases I opened one and brought out a blue lace t-shirt with jeans shorts , then closed the suitcase and stood up heading towards the bathroom again . 


When I finished putting on my sandals , I got up and looked at the mirror , I closed my eyes , running my hands down my face , then I felt strong arms wrapped around me .. Harry pulled me closer to him , my back still facing him . 

I looked at the mirror and smiled at him , he grinned and rested his chin on my shoulder ,  " I'm gonna miss this view " he whispered  , I rolled my eyes then turned to face his green orbs . 

" Come on " he said grabbing my hand and walking out of the room towards the door , " where are we going ?" 

Needless to say that he ignored me , he opened the car door for me and waited for me to get in , then he walked to the other side and entered the driver's seat , starting the ignition instantly . 

" Harold Edward Styles . I don't like to be ignored " I said looking at him with my hands crossed , faking a frown . 

We stopped at a red light and he grinned at me , showing me his deep dimples which I adore , causing me to soften on the spot . 

"  I'm gonna take you somewhere before you leave " he said and turned his gaze focus back on the street as the light was now green. 

I decided to shut up and wait. 
I had a feeling this will make my departure harder . 
And boy was I right . 

A few minutes later , we were walking closer to the deep blue sea , bare feet , interwined hands , sunlight shining , creating an encredible view . 
He was seriously the sweetest boyfriend ever . 

Staring ahead for a while now , My hand left his and I stood in front of him , walking backwards " I knew you were gonna make me miss you more " I poked his chest .

He grinned at me stopping in his tracks ,  " That's exactly what I want " he whispered, then continued walking forward cupping my face between his hands and giving me a gentle kiss . 
Before I knew it I felt water beneath my feet , Harry didn't seem to notice , he deepened the kiss holding me closer , I smiled and felt him smirk , my hand brushed his curls , something he liked . Maybe too much . 

" Harry " I said and pulled away , the water arrived to my knees by now , he smiled and looked at me waiting for my response , " I don't want my clothes wet , I won't have time to change " I said and moved his curls from his forehead. 

Immediately , a smirk replaced his smile , He looked at me , his dimples showing , and by the look he was giving me ,my eyes widened ,  I knew I had to run. .

Just as my feet were about to move I was already in his arms , I put my arms around his neck pulling my head into his shoulder trying to kepe him from doing it  " Harry NO! " I yelled when he held me higher , he chuckled " it's just a bit of water babe " he told me and was about to throw me in , " Please please Harry !! " I begged and tightened my grip around hias neck to keep me out of the water . 
" Alright fine , fun killer " he said and  grinned " On one condition " he added , I looked at him curiously , " I want a kiss "  he said and showed his dimples . 

I rolled my eyes , " you didn't have to threaten to throw me in the water just for a kiss , I would have given it to you anyway "  I said and smiled at him . 

He chuckled and walked closer to me , his wrapped his hands around my waist again , pulling me closer , I put my hands around his neck , and looked into his eyes for a second , losing myself . 

I was taken aback by his kiss , he moved his lips against mine gently , yet passionately , he smirked during the kiss and tightened his grip around me , moments later I wasn't there anywhere , I was overwhelmed . 
He pulled away and looked at me for a second , " You're beautiful , do you know that ? " his voice was husky and calm as he put a fe strands of my hair behind my ear . 

I shook my head " That's not fair . You can't be too cute , especially now " I told him with a sad face , his green eyes had this depth in them , and the sunlight made his face more irresistible than ever . 

" I'm not being cute . I'm stating a fact " he said with a smile as he kissed me again , stroking my cheek . I smiled at what he said , he's perfect , seriously . 

And suddenly , I felt myself move as I landed in the water on top of Harry . The cold water brought me back to reality , and my eyes widened in shock , Harry didn't break the kiss but grinned against my lips , I pulled away and got out of the water , although it was hot , the air against my wet skin made me shiver , I waited for him to get out , and seconds later he did , I was so ready to yell at him until I saw him , he brushed his wet hair backwards , his wet shirt clinging to his chest showing his muscles clear enough , he wore his cross like always , the smirk on his face showed his dimples , I watched in awe at the look in front of me , forgetting that I was supposed to be angry . 

" you got soaked eventually " he said with a grin . 
" Yeah thanks to my prince charming " I mocked and turned to walk away , " I wanna make you a deal "  he called after me . 

" What do u have in mind " I looked at him curiously , " Whenever you come home , the first thing we'll do is come here " he said and smiled , his genuine smile , not the cheesy one. 

" Yeah , I like that " I nodded with a smile and walked towards him , " and we can't come with anyone else " I added , he smirked " that's only fair . besides , I wouldn't dare come to your favorite place without you , so I'm gonna wait till your visit , so don't keep me waiting " he smiled .

I shook my head smiling and brushed his wet curls out of his face to look in his eyes , then I was lost again . 

He rested his forehead against mine , the familiar butterflies were already there , " I wanna remember today , just like this " I said and kissed him softly , hoping this moment will last . 




So guys , what's you think ? comment please ! Like and favorite ? thank u to everyone who reads my story ! 

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