Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


21. Perfect

Louis was already in the car " Come on lovebirds . home is not too far away " he said laughing his ass off . I blushed immediately and walked with Harry to the car hand in hand. 

Harry's P.O.V 
We sat together in the back seat while Louis took over the wheel . she rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arms around her - I could see that she was tired . 
I noticed Louis smiling at us  , He looked really happy for us - and don't get me wrong I'm relieved . I didn't want to fight with one of my best friends because I'm in love with his sister . That would have been really awkward . Yet this wasn't the case . He even told us that she can live with me for the next month . God I can't wait . 
I glanced down to look at Maisa . She was already asleep and I couldn't help but smile . She looked so peaceful and quiet. Her cheeks were red , because she was warm - she looked like an angel . I kept staring at her and soon after , we were in front of their house . Louis opened the door for me and I picked her up bridal style to her room . I put her down on the bed and took her heels off .
Seriously , I don't know how girls can keep wearing this shit. It looks like agony. 
Louis came in " Mate i'm gonna go to bed - really tired " he said .
" yeah , be right there buddy " I told him . 
I kissed her forehead and walked to the door . 
" Harry " She called me in a low voice since she was half asleep . 
I sat down next to her . " yeah love " she looked at me with half closed eyes . " Since you're awake you should go change into comfy clothes " I added with a smile  . She got up , kissed my cheek and took her pajamas to go change . 

Maisa's P.O.V 
I felt warm lips on my forehead . When I opened my eyes Harry was going out the door . 
" Harry " I said half asleep . I couldn't open my eyes yet .
He sat down next to me  " yeah love"  he said with the most caring tone " Since you're awake you should go change into comfy clothes " 
I noticed he took my heels off . He's too cute . I got up , kissed him on the cheek and went to go change . 
When I was back he was laying on my bed . He looked up at me with a smile . 
Then approached me putting his hands around my waist while I put mine around his neck. 
" There's one last thing I wanna do before I go " He whispered in my ear . He smiled at me - his dimples popped up . God , these dimples are my weakness .


I felt myself shaking. His touch was something I can't describe . It gave me a feeling of warmth and safety . He gave me a gentle kiss on the lips then hugged me and pulled away . 
" Good night love" he said walking towards the door . Something felt wrong . I didn't want to be away from him . 
" Um Harry " I said hesitated . He turned around and smiled at me . " Can you maybe .. stay.. with me tonight ?" 
He came closer and game me a hug . " If you want me to " he said grabbing my arm and walking towards the bed . 
We laid down next to each other , with my head and hand on his chest and his arms around me . That felt good , Right. 
I could feel his toned stomach against me , he's clearly been working out .. wait what am I talking about . guhhh never mind . Back to subject.


He kissed my hair" are you comfortable?" he asked . 
" as comfortable as I can be " I told him with a smile . He smiled at my response .
I looked at his face , dimples , his curly hair that was shining . He was too perfect . 
" Can I ask you something ?" I asked him . 
" sure what is it love " he said , his eyes half closed . 
" Why me " I asked . I didn't exactly know if I wanted to hear his answer . He opened his eyes immediately and looked at me concerned . 


" What do you mean?" he asked me . 
I sat up away from him. 
" I mean , come on Harry . You were one of the most popular guys at school - girls were all over you before you went abroad . And I'm sure you didn't have problems there with girls . What made you love ME ? It doesn't make sense. " 

" You're different . you- you're worth much more than any other girl I've ever met . You're not afraid to be yourself . Other girls are way too fake . " I felt relief come through me . 
" besides , When I went abroad - I always thought about you . And when I saw you again the feeling I had burried inside of me re-appeared in a second . I love you . " He added and grabbed my face between his hands " only you " he said then gave me a kiss that paralyzed me . I was speechless . 
" I don't know what to say , I .." 
" you don't have to say anything love . now come back here " he said with a sweet smile formed on his lips . 
We were back to out previous position with my head and hand on his chest.  
'you're too good to be true ' I Thought and closed my eyes . 

 " Good night Harry " I said and kissed his cheek where his dimples were showing . 
I felt him chuckle " Good night babe " He said , then we dozzed off to sleep . In his arms- It was perfect . 

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