Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


10. Nialler

Harry's POV 
I drove the car , without saying a word . then I gazed at her eyes..they were glowing , just like they always did. 
" Maisa , about last night ..." i started. 
" forget it curls , you were just being you - cute old harry , I had some personal problems and reacted the wrong way. I'm sorry about That"
she said as i felt her eyes tearing up .  

" I wasn't being me Maisa"
" Just drop it . maybe you are just not relationship material. *we were near Eleanor's house * , it's nothing really . you deserve to have your fun . " 

she didn't let me speak and went inside, she left me speechless .

Maisa's POV
I stayed at Eleanor's for a couple
of hours . then i got a text. 
" Blondie: Louis told me to come
and get you , are you ready?" 
" yeah sure , i'm waiting" I texted him back.

Ever since last night i've been thinking about what he said - he liked me . 
I turned him down because of harry. 
why did i do that anyway? 

Niall was here 5 minutes later , I sat in the car. 
" Hey nialler , thanks for picking me up " i told him . 
he just gave me his irresistible smile and said " my pleassure cuttie " . 

" Niall , about last night " i started. 
" it's alright , no big deal" he said.
" No , did you really mean that?" i asked him . he was silent for a minute . 

" Um yeah , i wouldn't lie about something like that " he answered. 
I gave him a gentle smile , then a kiss on the cheeck . 

" what was that for?" he said blushing . 
" For being adorable blondie" i answered , blushing too . " let's go somewhere . just the two of us .. what do you say ?"

" Um sure . where to ?" he answered . 
"Let's go to that coffee shop near by . " i suggested. 

" anything for you " he said with a smile .
he pulled over and we sat on a table near the window . His irish accent was too attractive . 

The waitress came to our table " ready to order? "
she gave Niall a smile and winked at him. while giving me an awkward glare.

" yeah , just a minute .. Maisa what do you want?" 
" Um , coffee will be just fine ." i smiled t him. 
" two cups of coffee please" he said not looking at the waitress . 

we talked at that coffee shop , for hours . We didn't keep track of the time until i noticed it was dark outside . 
Both of us felt a connection . 

he brought up the subject of harry . 
" Can i ask you something personal?" 

" Sure, what is it?" i said 
" What about harry?"

" what about him?" i said trying to give him a smile . 

" I thought you liked him.." he said 
" look Niall, i'm not gonna lie to you . I have had a crush on harry for years now . and seeing him yesterday just brought the feelings back to life. But i thought about it , and he isn't exactly the relationship material . So i guess i gave up. " i said looking at my coffee . 

I saw him trying to hide his smile . he was too cute . 

" I'm sorry i brought it up , let me get you home before Louis freaks out" he said .
" It's alright. Oh shit! louis i forgot he was waiting for me !! hurry up come on " 
10 minutes later we were outside my house . i was about to get out of the car when he pulled my hand . " hey Maisa , " be said . i turned around , and he immediately gave me a kiss . I looked at him , his eyes were sparkling . 
" i'm sorry , i shouldn't have done that " . i enjoyed it ,a lot . 
I smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss , then went inside the house running from embarrassment . 

Seconda later, i got a text . 
" Blondie: that was amazing beautiful. see u tomorrow ?" 

I smiled at the screen" sure, why not" i texted him back .

" Blondie: pick u up at seven love" 
i texted him back " can't wait ". 

I see louis sitting in the living room...



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