Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


5. Never had the chance .

Louis's POV 
I never really got over her . spencer i mean . she's my ex-girlfriend . 
we had been together for almost 2 years . when i knew she had an affair with someone from school . 

I had to leave her , yet knowing i still love her . and she's here now , right next to Niall and Maisa. 
she was just so .. careless . she never felt guilty , she moved on pretty fast . 

Then i see her . 
She's walking towards me in confidence . " Hey cuttie . don't you miss me ?" she says with an evil smile , puts her hands around my neck and kisses me . 

I pushed her away . I don't want that , i can't be with her without remembering what she did . 

I move her arms away from me ." Go away Spencer , i'm not in the mood "

she leans in closer " you know you still love me louie , you can't deny that . you're heart is mine , you are mine . you'll always be . I'll never let you forget me . " I knew she was right , i still loved her . 

" I'm not yours , and as you proved , i never was " . 
she glares angry at me and goes away . 

Eleanor comes , puts her arms around my neck and says .
" how do you feel about playing with her mind a little ?"
Spencer was looking at us . 
I smile , " oh , what do you have in mind ?" . 
" Maybe we should make her a little jealous ." she replies . 

Eleanor's POV 
I figured this was my chance to tell him.. " Maybe we should make her a little jealous ." I told Louis . 

He smiled at me , I couldn't help but look at his eyes . 

I moved closer to him and gave him a long kiss . I had waited a long time for that .
I felt butterflies in my stomach . 
He looked at me .. " you totally pissed her off right now , thank you El " he then grabbed my check , and walked away . 

What did i just do? what was the point ? he didn't give me the chance to say anything .. he thought i did that only to tease Spencer . 
Didn't he feel my heat ? my heart stop?
I was about to burt in tears . 
I run to the bathroom , Maisa follows me there . 

Harry's POV 
Did she say bro ? is that how she sees me ?
I looked at her dancing with Niall , She looked happy . i was still looking at her when a group of girls came up to me .
every couple of seconds i looked at her .
Jealous .  
I used to tease her , and tickle her before i left  . 
I wanted to tell her then , but couldn't because i was about to go to Germany .  
I came home hoping no one snatched her heart .. i have to figure that out now . 

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