Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


11. Louis and El

Louis's POV

I waited for Maisa to come home so i could tell

her about Eleanor. she was supposed to be here hours ago .

I was walking around the house impatiently , when Maisa came in .

" I'm sorry louie , i was hanging out with Niall and lost track of time . " she hugged me .

" It's okay Maisa , but i really have to talk to you , about Eleanor ." 

I watched her looking at me as if telling me to continue . 

"The thing is .. l-last night Eleanor came to dance and kissed me . I thought she did that just to make Spencer jealous . so i didn't consider it that big of a deal . but later on , I went asking her to dance when she started crying. I didn't give up until she told me what's wrong... she told me she loved me maisa. and i was shocked, i just stood there like a complete idiot . I tried to tell her tht i didn't feel like that bu tShe was humiliated and ran off . The thing is sis , that i enjoyed that ! i enjoyed the feeling her kiss gave me . but although i did .. i still have Spencer in my mind . I just don't know what to do . I know i should have forgotten about her long ago . but really.. I'm still hung up over her . please help me . what should i do ?"


I looked at her while she processed the situation . 

" Louie .. El has loved you since the first time she saw you . she kept telling me .. i told her that she should tell  you right away . but she was too nervous , afraid that you'd reject her . she got angry everytime she saw you upset because of that spencer . she just wanted to hug you and comfort you , yet never had the chance . " 

" But maisa she never even implied that to me " i said listening .

" how did it feel louie ? what happened with El ? how did that make you feel ?" 

" I enjoyed it , honestly . she was breath taking . I wanted to tell her just didn't know how " i said .

she asked ", would you accept spencer one more time if she said she was sorry?" 

i widened my eyes " I would never do that . she hurt me , my pride , she can go to hell " i said furious at the thought .

" then what are you waiting for ? Try it louie . El loves you , what is there to loose?" she said as she smiled and pinched my cheeck. I smiled and hugged her . " Thanks maisa , what would i do without you " .

I was about to go when she stopped me . 

" louie , one more thing . and please don't be mad " she said 

" ofcourse not love , what is it ?" 

"Um, i sort of like harry . no , i think it's more than that . i have for years now . yet , even though he says he likes me . you know , we both know that he plays around . not serious about girls , so i gave up ... but then Niall told me he liked me , we went out today just as friends obviously . but i think i like him . and since i have no chance with harry, i wanna try it out with Niall  , he's sweet to me and cute . i wanted to let you know , and take your permission first " she said 

I was staring at her " Um , wuuf that's a lot of information all at once . but i don't see what's the problem . Niall is a good guy and one of my best feiends sis . you're safe with him . so i'm cool with it . " i hugged her to show her my support .  

" Thanks louie " she gives me a kiss . 

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