Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


29. Last day

Maisa's P.O.V :
The day went by faster than I wanted it to , thinking about the distance I'm gonna have between myself and my beloved people in a few hours . Yup ,  a headache is on it's way . 

Harry and I went to Zayn's house to hang out with El and the guys before I leave for Uni ,  well, you can imagine how El was . 

I can't say I'm not the same mess , it's just that I have to show strength , right? 

I sat next to Louis and Harry ,Louis had his hand around my back , while my hand reached for his shoulder , I rested my head on his chest as I stared at them , the people who my family consisted of , alongside my parents ,  laughing and having a great time . 

Harry and I were gonna leave in a few minutes so I could get some sleep for tommorow, so I'm gonna have to do the hardest part no , say goodbye . 

" I'm gonna miss you guys " I said quietly , my voice was low , but clearly loud enough for them to hear . I felt tears starting to form in my eyes as I closed them and put my arms around Louis , he reacted immediately sitting up straight and hugging me tightly , "We're gonna miss you too , M " He whispered and kissed my cheek . 

Louis's back was facing Harry , Harry reached for my hand and held it tight , stroking my hand with his thumb . 

It's not gonna be easy . 
Louis is my twin , we never stayed apart for more than a few hours , obviously a bit more since I moved in with Harry , but a month ? That's gonna be hard , and that's just an understatement , I'm gonna miss his teasing and mocking , as ironic as that sounds. 

El walked towards us " I'm gonna miss you , what am I gonna do without you ?" she said as she held back tears , " I don't know what I'm gonna do without you too , all of you , but we'll figure it out together " I told her and stood up hugging her with every emotion I had , She's my best friend, and has been for years , It's gonna be weird not having here by my side when something happens with me , or when I get upset . All my memories with her flashed through my mind , every laugh , smile and tear , we were always there for each other . 
" Take care of Lou for me " I whispered to her as she gave me the biggest smile and nodded . 

Niall, Liam, and Zayn each gave me a long hug which made me more calm . These guys are the best , and they've always been there for me , and I'll always be there for them , as cheesy as it sounds , it's true , I'd do anything for them . 

I said my goodbyes then walked out of the house with Harry , And looked back at the house , a smile made it's way to my face ..we made so many memories in Zayn's house , pillow fights , movie nights , discussions and cheesy games than only they could think of . 

As I put the seatbelt on I felt tears streaming down my face , I didn't even notice he was already in the car until his arms were wrapped around me , stroking my back while I calmed down against his chest , his hand reached for my face and his thumb wiped away my tears , planting a soft kiss on my lips , instantly making a smile appear on my face , he knew exactly how to calm me down without making an effort . 

The ride home was pretty much silent , a comfortable one though , Harry kept one hand on the wheel and the other held my hand tight , reminding me he's there . This is one of the moment I wish I didn't have to go , or leave his side . 



It was almost midnight , I opened my eyes slowly , only for them to see his green orbs looking at ne , the house was quiet and the room was only lit by a bedside lamp... I was laying on my side , one hand held the back of his neck while the other brushed his curls , a smile instantly lit up his face , making me smile along , just the sight of his smile and eyes took away my breath . 

- I'm gonna miss him - 

Both his arms were wrapped protectively around me , my stupid smile wouldn't leave my face as I looked at his face , peaceful and calm , with his curls over his forehead , perfect as ever, and his dimple half showing , that's one of many things I'll miss , waking up to see those dimples deep in his cheeks ,  and green eyes staring at me . 

Maybe you think I'm exaggerating , but seriously , I spent the last month waking up with him by my side . 
Waking up to an empty dull room will defenitely not be the same , Not to mention El and the guys' lack of presence with me . 

" You know , waking up to find your eyes staring at me isn't creepy at all " 

" Is it ?" he grinned widely , stroking my cheek . 

" hey " I smiled and put both arms around him . 

" hey beautiful " he whispered with his husky voice that was extremely attractive , pulling me closer to him . 

I took a deep breath trying to control my feelings as I thought of my departure in a few hours in the morning ,  I reached for his lips and pecked them gently .

" What are you doing up ?" I asked him , looking into his sparkling eyes feeling the goosebumps all over . 

" Admiring my angel " he whispered into my ears , leaving a kiss upon my cheek and lowering his face to the crook of my neck .

I rolled my eyes , I was no angel , but waking up to hear this ? who would pass to go anywhere ? Well , clearly stupid me . 

" Don't be too charming " I said lifting his chin up so he was facing me . 

" Well, I have a few hours left , I might as well try " 

I sighed loudly , " Ughh , you're irritating " I said as thoughts of not seeing him and hearing his voice everyday splashed through my mind . Too cute is not the way he should be acting right now . 

" I'm glad " he said and kissed my lips gently , I felt him smile as I kissed him back . 

" Go back to sleep , you have to be awake in a few hours . " he told me with a weak smile .

I nodded , moving closer to him until there was no space between us , " I love you " he whispered sending shivers through my body , I shit my eyes enjoying the moment , It will be another whole month till I enjoy a moment like this again , " I love YOU Harry " I said and kissed him one last time before I drifted off to sleep , tomorrow is gonna be hard . 



Heyy guys ! hope u enjoyed it , I know this movella isn't too popular , but hopefully you would help me change that ..please comment your opinion , like and maybe favorite ? thank u<3 


- Maisa Xx . 

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