Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


26. If only

" Come on we gotta get up " Maisa said after they spent another hour cuddling in bed on their first morning at his house  , he had his arms around her , her back to his chest while his head rested in the crook of her neck . 

" Let me stay like this for a while " he said in his attractive sleepy voice , placing his head closer to hers . 

" Well, if we're gonna spend a month like this , I might as well be going to Yael and get ready " She said teasing him then trying to get up . 
He pulled her closer so she won't leave his grip , he looked in her brown shiny eyes . His green ones still had her in trance . 

" You'd really rather be walking around a campus than being here with me ?" A frown appeared on his face . 
"  fine then go " He said in an upset tone letting go of her and moving away to the other side of the bed . 

Minutes after being in silence she moved closer to him slowly , now she wrapped her arms around his naked chest , his back facing her , she rested her head on his shoulder. 
" You believe what you just said ?" She whispered sending shivers through his body . 
He didn't respond . 
She put her hands in his curls , messing his morning hair even more . 

" Don't do that " he said irriated. 
" Do what ?" she asked innocently . 

" what you're doing " he said coldly. 
But he didn't have the heart to pull away , so he stayed there in the same position . 

" You cant seriously believe that I'd rather be or even accept being somewhere else when I could be with you ." 

He knew she was teasing from the start , but he wanted to tease her for a change , a taste of her own medicine . 

" I know you don't . And I love you for that " he said turning around to face her , she looked in his green emerald eyes and smiled , he had that effect on her . He smiled at the sight of her innocent face , then leaned in closer and gave her a kiss . Both had their eyes closed and felt on top of the world. They smiled through the kiss , then pulled away . 
" Let's get breakfast then go somewhere." he said smiling as he put her hair behind her ear . 

" Sure , where to ?" She asked .

" We'll see " he kissed her softly , making her unstable again . 

"enough " she whispered smiling then got up and walked towards his closet. well , it was THEIR closet now . 

She picked a black casual dress that went to her knees and black cute sandals from her bag. 
She went to the bathroom and washed her face , brushed her teeth and straightened her hair then changed her clothes and put the sandals on . 

" Come on love breakfast is ready " Harry called out from the kitchen . 

She walked to the kitchen and sat on the table , He put breakfast in front of them and joined her . 
After they finished , she cleaned the kitchen and Harry went to change . She walked behind him to get her phone . 
" Can't stay away babe ?" he asked in a teasing tone , proud of himself ha ? She blushed and got her phone . 

He still had no shirt on , she looked at him , he chuckled obviously . 
" You know what ? Move . I'm gonna pick your outfit " she said walking towards the closet . 
He smiled and sat down on the bed , looking at her . 

She picke a black ragged t-shirt with black skinny jeans and his white nike boots . 
" I'll be downstairs " She gave me a short kiss and walked out of the room .  

He walked downstairs to hear her talking on the phone .
" Don't be like that El , we still have a month , plus you can come visit me anytime " 

" Alright , i'll call you later , love you " she added and hung up . He sat next to her on the sofa and put his arms around her . 
She wiped a tear that fell down her cheeks and smiled at him . 
" You know , now that you're mine , I can't imagine what I'm gonna do without you " He said in a gentle tone and wiped another tear from her cheek , " I know how she feels , and a month is not gonna help , you've been best friends for over 8 years . She's gonna have a hard time not seeing you " he added then gave her another warm hug . 

" I know believe me . And I don't wanna be away from you , any of you . Louis ,El , the guys,  you and your dimples " she said smiling at him then stroking his cheek . He smiled and gave her another kiss . 
" We'll figure something out love " he whispered hugging her tight . 
She let a few tear fall as she rested her head on his chest . 

After she calmed down , he tried not to show his sadness , they got up walking towards the door , " I like black on you " she said and smiled while looking at his shirt that showed his muscular body . 

" Oh yeah ?" he got closer to her and put his arms around her with a grin on his face , " what else do you like " he whispered , she felt goosebumps all over , " your eyes " she said looking at his eyes and turned red. 
He chuckled , " what else " he kissed her cheek and kept her close , She moved her hand in his curls " Your curls obviously " she smiled hiding her face in his chest . 
Ge grinned widely showing his adorable dimples , " anything else?" he said lifting her head up to face his ,  " let me see " she said admiring his perfect hair , face , smile , everything about him . " Your dimples . They make you special " she said with an innocent smile , stroking his cheeks where his dimples showed , he chuckled again and rested his forehead against hers, closing his eyes , " I won't tell you what I like about you , I won't be able to finish " he said whispering in her ear , she smiled blushing at his comment , " You're perfect to me " , then he grabbed her face between his hand and kissed her softly . 
You could see how they felt about each other , they affection they shared. 

" Let's go " he smiled and grabbed her hand walking to the car after locking the house . 

As they put their seatbelts on, Harry started the ignition and drove out of the driveway. 

They decided to see the guys for a bit and call Eleanor too . 
" Hey mate " Harry spoke through the phone with Zayn . 

" Yeah , wanted to know what you're doing " 

" Okay , at your place then ?" 

" Don't act smart " he said 
laughing then ended the call . 

When they to Zayn's house , they walked inside to see Zayn , Liam and Louis already there with their girls . 
Louis sat with Eleanor by his side , his arms around her , Liam sat in front of them with Danielle on his lap , Zayn was sitting next to Louis , while Perrie had her arms around his neck from behind the couch .

Eleanor jumped at the sight of her best friend and hugged her tight . 
" Need. Air . Help" Maisa said each word with agony as the rest of them laughed at her . 
" I'm sorry " Eleanor said after pulling out of the hug , " I'm gonna miss you " she frowned . 

" I'm still here , and I'm gonna miss you too " she told her hugging her one more time . 

After the greeted everyone , they all sat together for a few hours , laughing , talking , and had dinner . 
" It's weird to see you leave without me " Louis said acting upset . 

" Ogh" She said smiling and stroking his cheek , " you'll get over it " she kissed his cheek and went to grab Harry's hand . 
Louis looked wided-eyed , mouth full open in shock. " Well , that was certainly rude " he said jokingly . 
He winked at her and said goodbye , as they walked to the car parked in front of Zayn's house . " So where are we going ?" She asked curious . 

" You'll see " He teased her . 
She rolled her eyes and smiled . 

Harry was driving with one hand on the wheel and the other next to him, she admired his concentration , he looked adorable . But yet again, he always did . 

She put her hand on his , her thumb stroking the back of his big hand . He smiled , squeezing her hand . 

Harry parked in a place after 15 minutes of driving . He turned off the ignition and walked out of the car going to her side , she removed the seatbelt as he opened the door and grabbed her hand to help her out of the car , she couldn't help but feel weak in front of him , she smiled as they walked forward . 

A huge grin appeared on her face when she looked at the view in front of her , " Why did you wanna come here ?" she asked him casually . 

He went and stood behind her , putting his arms around her stomach and resting his head on her shoulder in the crook of her neck . 
" I wanted us to go somewhere that makes you happy , and I know how much being here calms you down and brings you peace , so here we are " he whispered smiling . 

She looked at the mesmorizing blue sea in front of her , Sunset was beautiful, the most romantic view ever .  
She turned around to face him and smiled at him " Why do you have to be so perfect ?" she said , her arms around his neck while looking in his green emerald eyes . 

" I have to deserve you somehow , although I'm not " he said with his deep British accent , smiling at her . 
She then had his face between her hands and lifted herself up , and kissed him , he grinned through the kiss , he knew how to make her happy , and how to bring her joy . 

They then sat on the sand , his legs parted so she sat between them , leaning her head back on his toned chest while he stroke her hair , she closed her eyes and pulled his shirt in her clenched fists , smelling his scent , it was peaceful , quiet with no one around them . If only they could be like this forever , if only , if only , IF ONLY. 


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