Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


8. Harry's chance

No one's POV

That guy was still looking at Harry and Maisa . 
" let's tease him a little , shall we?" Harry asks Maisa . 
" How so Mr.Styles?"
He quickly puts his arms around her weist , pulls her closer , and lands a passionate kiss on her soft lips . 
Her eyes were shut . his lips moving along with her's.. she blushed and smiles while they kiss. They pull away . laughing . That guy just rolled his eyes and left .

" I think he'll stay away for a while, thanks for that" . she says .
She was speechless , that kiss was everything she had imagined . 

" you're welcome , but i didn't do that only because of him "he says . 
she stares at him as if waiting for him to explain. 
" I like you Maisa , I've always liked you ..i wanted to tell you long ago , just never had the chance . "

" Harry , I-I lik-ke you t_tooo . but can.." he cuts her off giving her another kiss. She just stands there astonished . He walks away saying ." I'll be right back beautiful " she couldn't believe it . he was perfect , he really liked her . 

In the meantime Zayn and liam were dancing with their girlfriends.. unaware of all that happened . 

" um , Maisa can i talk to you for a sec!" Niall asked intense. 
" sure blondie , whuts up?" 
" Maisa I , i think i like you . i have been admiring you all night . you're beautiful ." 
she looks at him " What are you talking about? i mean , i consider you as my brother. " she said gently . 

" can i just ask one more thing?"he added . 
" go ahead."
" is it because of Harry?" he asked .
she blushed immediately. " um, no that's not the case " 
" but you DO like him?" he asks.
" I guess i do yeah " maisa says . 
he smiles at her hurt , then walks away. 

Later on , she was waiting for harry to pop up . 
he has been away too long , where is he ? she thought . 

it was getting cold . she was about to grab a jacket from niall's room .. when he opens the door she sees some curly dude and a girl on at the corner of the room . " I'm sorry about that " she says in embarresement , about to leave when the guy turns around . IT WAS HARRY . 

she tears up, slaps the door shut and runs off crying . 
" Maisa. , wait ! I told you to leave me alone Sarah!!" 
She lets go of him and he runs off looking for a hurt Maisa but she was already gone .  
Sarah was his ex. 
she crashed the party and surprised him , he was arguing with her when maisa came in the room. 
He totally blew it . Again. 

Harry tries to call Maisa , but she doesn't answer him. 
" I just won her , how did i lose here so fast !" 

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