Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


2. Get ready. Harry's coming.

I still didn't see Niall around , I was decorating the table with Harry's sister Gemma . she is the sweetest thing ever .. she calls Harry - puts him on speaker . 

" Hey honey , where are you?"
" Gemma ! god i've missed you, i'll be at the airport in 5 " he told her . 
his voice was different, thicker .. I liked it .. 
" Oki then but i'm gonna send one of the boys to pick you up.. me and mom are stuck in traffic" she said then looked at me smiling.. she goes to the other room. 

The guests were supposed to arrive any minute now.. i saw that one of the lights was off.. i brought a ladder and went up to try and fix it . 
Out of nowhere some kid was running around , he pushed the ladder to my dismay , I shout as i'm about to hit the ground when someone grabs me . 

I look up , still shocked I hug him .
" Hey there , are you okay? that was a close one " he said removing my hair off my face , smiling . 

" Y-yeah I'm fine " I said . 
" Louis would have killed me if he knew i was here and didn't watch out for you" he said , his smile still there .

" Puff Niall" I say giggling , " you can put me down now" 

He puts me down and kisses my cheeck . 
" Thanks blondie " i said blushing . 
" You are so welcome beautiful .." he says. And goes off to pick Harry from the airport .

As he walks away My best friend comes in, they say Hi and she walks over to me .
she's finally here ! thank god . 
" Eleanor ! you were supposed to arrive like half an hour ago " i say hugging her .
" I know , I know i'm sorry i'm here now " She was wearing a short cute black dress, had long brown shiny hair and brown eyes. she was 17. 

she helps me out and we finish everything before Harry was here . I was really excited to see him. 

Just then , the door opened. 
Zayn, Liam , and Louis walked inside .. following them were two girls . 
Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend and Danielle Liam's gf. 

Zayn and Liam wave at me and Eleanor - I walk towards them with a smile and say Hi . i hug both of them tight . They were like my brothers . 

At the sight of Louis , Eleanor looks away grabs me by the dress " Your brother is here! what should i do ? " I look at her , and start laughing . She always had a crush on Louis , yet never told him... but i sort of knew he saw her as his second sister , because she's nearly at my house all the time . 

" Hey Louie , come here a sec " i shout .
Eleanor punches me , giving me a death glare . 
Louis smiles at me and walks over . 
" what up sis ? , Hey Eleanor didn't see ya there . " he leaned in and hugged her . I could tell she was in trance . she just smiles at him . 

" When is Harry gonna be here?" I asked him as if that's why i called him . 

" He's gonna be here any minute now " 

All the guests have arrived , yet i was hoping a guy from my class doesn't show up. He's kind of been following me around all the time . I explained to him several times that i wasn't interested - he just doesn't quiet get that ! 

My phone vibrates - 
"Niall: 2 min and we're there " 

" Alright everybody , turn off the lights and hide , they're gonna be here any second now . " I yell out loud . 

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