Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


27. First official night

It was nearly midnight . They sat in front of the beach for hours , just both of them . 

Harry got up and stretched his hand for her to grab it , he helped her up and put his arms around her waist while walking . 

When they arrived in front of the car , he opened the passenger door for her to let her in , she turned around to face him , and stared at his green orbs . 

He smiled as he hid his face in the crook of her neck , smelling her scent , his curls brushed against her cheeks making her giggle . 

" Thank you . Today was simply amazing " she whispered and kissed his cheek. 

" Everything for you " he said with a smile that made his dimples appear on his cheek , and with just the sight of his dimples she smiled widely , he brought her closer for a warm hug .

She tightened her grip around his back , she never wanted to let go , she rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes enjoying the moment . 

Moments later, he kissed her forehead and let her in the car , then leaned in and put her seatbelt on , kissing her cheek . 

" I can still put the seatbelt on by myself you know " she said with a grin . 

" I know , I just felt like doing it " he smiled and closed the door , walking to the other side and entering the car . 

He looked at her and smiled before before turning on the ignition , " One kiss before we go ?" he asked with a puppy face that was to die for . 

She sighed because he knew that it was hard to ignore , " Just one " she smirked . 

He nodded , then they slowly leaned in , both of them smiling , then closed their eyes before finally sharing an innocent kiss . She could feel his smile against her lips which made her smirk , then started playing with his curls without breaking the kiss , that drove him crazy . He grabbed the back of her neck pulling ber even closer before He gently deepened the kiss  . 

She put both of her hands against his chest and pushed him away with a smile on her face , he looked at her and frowned , she just shook her head and pointed to the wheel . 

" Ughh fine " he said irritated , that made her smile wider before he drove away in the cool breeze . 

When they arrived at his house , he helped her out of the car like a gentleman and walked to the front door holding her hand . 

He dropped her hand to look for his house key in the set of keys with him , she stood behind him and hugged him tight , her arms around his stomach while her head rested on his back . 
He smiled right away , then when he opened the front door " Babe we kinda need to go inside " he said trying to look at her while she stood behind her back . 

" Ughh " she frowned and walked past him inside the house , he grinned as he closed the door behind him and locked it shut . 

He put his car keys on the table near the kitchen and drank some water , then poured another glass of water and took it with him heading to the bedroom . 

He walked inside to see the dress she was wearing neatly folded on the bed , he put the glass down and walked towards the bathroom , he peaked inside to see her standing in front of the sink brushing her teeth , wearing a pink spotted lace camisole with pink shorts to go with it. 

" It's rude to stare " She said coldly , then she put the tooth brush aside , washed her face and put her hair in a messy bun . 

" You're cute to look at " he said showing off his dimples . 

" Aha " She rolled her eyes and walked back to the room ; she put the dress in the closet and pulled the covers off the bed before climbing in it then putting the covers over her . 

Harry smirked , then changed into some shorts and climbed in the bed beside her . 
" You want some water ?" he said bringing his head closer to hers . She shook her head and pulled away from him . 

" What's wrong " he asked her in a calm voice .

" You ruined my mood " she said in a whisper . 

" Is that so ?" he said putting his arms around her waist and pulling her closer . 
" Let me make it up to you " he said flirting . 

" I told you I'm not in the mood " she said trying not to smile . 

" You can rest your head on my back again, I don't mind " he whispered and kissed her cheek , then with one movement he turned her around so she was facing him . 

Her eyes quickly looked into his green ones , his dimples showing because of his wide smile . 
" You're not fair" she said and hit his chest . 
" Uww " he said as if she hurt him . " What did I do " he asked cheekily . 

" You can't just show your dimples when I'm upset . That's cheating " she said and put on a sad face . 

" I can't help it , you're too cute when you get upset " he said still smiling . 

" That's just mean " she said and pushed him away . 

" Hey !" he called out for her to look at him . 
" Hey beautiful , come on it's our official first night at my house " he said lifting her head up , his accent was to die for . Honestly . 
She looked at his green orbs , again trying to adjust to their amazing mesmorizing color . 

" How can I make it up to you ?" he whispered slowly . His breath was against her neck , she started breathing heavily before opening her eyes . 

" Just stay like this " she said removing his curls from his face .  
He smiled at her then gave her a gentle kiss before pulling away to look at her eyes . 

" You're incredible " he whispered and hid his head in the crook of her neck. She giggled " I think you got me confused with another girl " she said smiling . 

" No " he whispered near her ear . 
" You are definately the incredible one " he added before kissing her cheek. 

" You're just , ughh " she said hitting his chest . 
He looked at her confused . 
" Just don't be too irresistible ! It's annoying that I feel that weak in front of you , so much for keeping it together " she said and rolled her eyes giving up to the fact that he was the only one she couldn't resist , then crashed her lips against his once more . He smiled before kissing her back . They pulled away and laid next to each other until They drifted off to sleep , with a smile on their face. 


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