Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


20. Feels good

Maisa's P.O.V 
I stood there laughing at Louis and Harry. That was harsh I know Haha . Poor Louis started shouting at Harry . yet again , Harry couldn't care any less . 

I picked some clothes from Louie's closet for both of them . I picked a blue striped shirt , Louis's favorite , and blue jeans for him to wear . 
As for Harry , I took a white shirt and dark black jeans out of Louis's closet and motioned for Harry to wear them after giving him a towel. 
I liked Louis's style , I couldn't wait to see the clothes on Harry. 

He looked at me and smiled with a smirk on his lips . water was dripping from his wet curly hair and his dimples- gorgeous!
" you're mean , you know that ?" I told him trying to look serious , yet my plan went down the drain when he smiled . A smile grew on my lips , and I knew he was proud of himself . 
" Yeah yeah but you love me anyways " He said with a proud tone .
" Um yeah I kinda do " .
 he walked towards me and was about to pull me closer .
I put my hands against his chest pushing him away further . " Wow wow buddy , you're all wet . I like myself dry at the moment . "
I walked over to the bed to hand him the clothes . when I picked them up I saw an evil smile on his face . 
Omg . " no , don't even think about it " I yelled .
Yet he still smiled coming closer .
I went off running to my room , just when I was about to get inside he wrapped his arms around my waist , i let out a scream as he spun me around to face him . 
" I'm not all wet anymore " he said and sent me a smile looking in my eyes . 
Of course . He had his shirt off . I rolled my eyes , he was smart . to my dismay . 
I tried to sneak away but he tightened his grip . And I could feel his muscular body against mine , I gazed at his body , his tattoos and started to blush- he was too attractive ! 
I realized He caught me staring and had a wide smile on his face . He had me right where he wanted me . 
" Like what you see?" right . he had to bring it up . 
I smiled " well, there isn't exactly anything else to look at since you won't let me go " 
" Yeah , right" he said clearly not convinced . He smiled at me and let me go , yet still stared at me.
His green eyes had something special - really special . I remembered that night at the party , he looked at me with that same look. He was able to make me feel there wasn't anyone else around us . 
" Harry you jerk come over here " Louis shouted from his room . 
" Be right back love" Harry whispered , squeezed my hand and was about to walk away when I grabbed his arm and lift myself up to his height and kissed his cheek . He smiled immediately -I blushed and ran inside my room . 
" Oh now I'm definitely coming in a minute " I heard him say in a low voice then walk away . 

I sat on my bed , and pulled my legs closser to my body and put my arms around them. 
Tonight was perfect . In a weird way. 
You see , that wasn't how I expected the night to end . I thought I saw him for the last time at the restaurant . 
When he talked earlier and told me what he felt , I felt severe pain inside. The kind of pain you enjoy .       It was everything I imagined it to be. I was smiling like a maniac jumping up and down as I re-played tonight's events in my mind. 
" You're beautiful when you smile " I heard a voice from behind me .
Shit . Harry . 
" Un..How long have you been standing here ? " I asked rmbarressed . I want the ground to swallow me this instant. 
" Long enough beautiful " he said smiling making me go red in a second . " That's an invasion of privacy you know " I said teasing him . 
" Is that so ? " he answered coming closer . I was standing in front of my window . 
" Yeah it is actually " I said turning the other direction. 
" Relax beautiful , you were cute jumping around because of me. " he told me pulling me into a hug with an evil smile on his face. 
" What makes you think it's because of you ?" I asked sounding serious .
" fine. I'm sorry , why were you so happy then ?" he smiled obviously wondering what kind of excuse I'm gonna use .
" Um ..I was just excited that I'm finally going to college tomorrow " I sent him a smile also . 
" Do you really expect me to believe that I .. " he started to say then his smile faded away. He pulled back from me and turned around. 
What's wrong with him? pfft. 
" Harry what is it ?" i asked confused. 
Did I do something wrong ?
" You're going away. " he said in a low voice not looking in my eyes putting his head between his hands. 
" Well yeah , that's the plan " 
" But I finally have you now - I finally won you " he said in a sad tone . I moved towards him taking his hands away from his face. 

" Look at me " 
" What is it ?" he lifted his head up a bit to look in my eyes , since he was taller than me. 
I sighed putting aside the feelings his emerald eyes gave me. 
"I'm still here for now . You're not gonna lose me " 
" how am I gonna be able to cope with not seeing you everyday . I can't do that" he answered putting his hands on both sides of my face . Looking in my eyes again making my knees weaker every second that passes . 
" We still have a month ahead of us , right?" I said hoping to cheer him up . honestly , The guy I loved just told me he loves me back . I wasn't ready to go either . 
He looked at me , a smile forming on his face a little surprised .
" What about tomorrow ?" he asked . 
" I'd rather spend this month with you , admiring your dimples " I said causing his smile to grow even bigger. 
He put his head on my shoulder hugging me  " I love you " he whispered . 
My heart skipped a beat automatically. 
"I love you too " I said pulling away before giving him a gentle kiss . 
He smiled again. " Well come on get ready , Louis is waiting for us " he said walking towards the door . 
" wow wait a sec , what does this have to do with me ?" i asked confused . 
" We're celebrating love . And telling Louis . He's pissed at me now because of the shower " - he said chuckling . " But he'll see it was worth it " he smiled and walked out of the room . 

How cute can he get . I thought to myself looking at the time. 
It was already 11 o'clock. 
I texted Eleanor , i still haven't talked to her since I left the restaurant . 
To " El bestie " : 
Honey I'm fine . not leaving tomorrow - call you later to explain . love you <3 

I sighed putting my phone on the bed . Then heading to my closet. 
I wore a cute black dress that comes to my knees with black heels. Then I remembered my hair was a mess - I pulled out my hair straightener from the drawer . 
About 15 later My hair was straight and I was putting last make-up touches before leaving my room. 

I went down the stairs to the living room where Louis and Harry were waiting. 
Both of them stood up and smiled at me. 
" You look..." Harry started saying wide-eyed , scanning me with his eyes . 
" Beautiful " Louis finished the sentence . 
" Um.. Yeah , that " Harry said embarressed. 
" Thanks guys , shall we get going " I chuckled . 

" Not before you tell me what the hell are you two up to " Louis said annoyed . 
Harry grabbed my hand and walked to the door taking me with him . 
" come on mate . don't be such a child " Harry said as we both started laughing . 
" seriously ? fine " Louis said in a sassy tone before following us and locking the house. 
It's safe to say that the ride was prettttty awkward . I sat in the back seat in the middle while harry drove and Louis sat next to him .
I glanced up only to see Harry looking at me in admiration from the mirror . I immediately blushed and smiled back. He turned his sight back to the road , looking at me every couple of minutes . 
Louis paid no attention to us what so ever because he was talking to Eleanor on the phone. 
10 minutes later we arrived at the restaurant Harry picked and sat at a table for three. He pulled out a chair for me to sit down , making me blush and then sat down next to me. 

The restaurant was really classy , the tables had red shiny sheets with a vase full of flowers on each. The light was clearly adding a romantic gesture to the evening  . The chairs clearly cost a lot seeing how comfortable and nice they looked . 
The waiter came to our table and gave each on of us a menu . 
" Good evening , I'm Paolo your waiter , tell me when you are ready to order Sir " he told Louis with a smile . Then brought us glasses of water . 
We looked at the menu , not speaking for a couple of minutes. Louis all of a sudden sighed and put the menu down . 
" Seriously mate , what's wrong ?" he asked looking at Harry then at me . I couldn't help holding back my smile.

" How come she knows it while I still don't ?"Louis asked irritated. 

" well , she was there when it happened mate " Harry replied with an innocent smile . Revealing. his cute dimples. 
" when what happened ?" 
" Let's just say Maisa is gonna be here for another whole month . " he started. Louis looked confused . I took a sip of my glass trying to hide my smile . 
" What about coll.." Harry interrupted him. 
" And she's staying with me at my flat , and these news are certainly worth a celebration. "
pfffttt . I choked on my water . Started caughing like an idiot . What the hell was that about ! 
Harry started laughing while patting on my back . I took his hand off while taking a napkin and cleaning myself up.
Louis looked shocked then smiled at us an evil smile . 
" I didn't know about that last part " I said looking at Louis . 
" He was not kind enough to inform me , plus , I haven't agreed to that " I continued giving Harry a death glare . 
" Does that mean you two..?" Louis asked with a smile pointing at the two of us . 
Harry put his arm around me pulling me closer " If that's alright with you mate " he told Louis. 
" Are you guys kidding me ! Finally you worked this out " He said . We both laughed at what he said. Were we really that obvious ? Then he got up and hugged both of us congratulating us with a smile . 
We sat back down and Louis pulled out his phone , he probably 
 misses Eleanor . That reminds me , she's gonna kill me if I don't tell her soon. 
" Now what about that answer love?" Harry asked me holding my hand . 
" What answer?" I was trying to avoid the subject . didn't work :) 
He looked at me with a ' you know what i'm talking about ' look . 
" Oh that , I don't think that.." he cut me off " come on love , I wanna spend as much time as I can with you - a month is barely enough " uhh I just melt when he speaks to me looking in my eyes . I had to give in . 
" Fine , it that's alright with Louis " I looked at both of them . 
" Oh that's okay , don't use me as an excuse sis , you're going away in a month , I might as well get used to it " he said with a smirk on his lips . 
I hit him on his shoulder " Jerk " I said with a smile . 
Harry pulled me closer and gave me a kiss . Then looked at me with his green emerald eyes making me drown in them . He smiled and put his hand on my cheek . 
" How about we order now " he added . 
After we ordered my phone vibrated . A text from El . 
" what is it love" Harry asked me . 
" nothing it's just a text from El " 
Louis smiled automatically . The two of them are really cute together . 
" El bestie : Congrats honey ! I'm pissed at you for not being the one to tell me , say Hi to Harry from me and call me when you get home . DON'T BAIL ON ME " 
I looked up at Louis . Now I know the real reason for his smile . I hit him once again . " aaw what was that for ?" he asked with half a smile . 
" Oh you know what that was for - you jerk ! I was gonna tell her about it " 
" Well I did the job for you sis" he smiled at me - " Actually , now it's gonna be harder " I told him and chuckled . 
The rest of the evening went along pretty great. I loved being able to sit with my brother and Harry without feeling awkward. The three of us ate , laughed , and talked about lots of things . That was a night to remember . 
Harry kept giving me on and off hugs all the time , while Louis kept smiling everytime . He looked really happy for us . Everything is getting in it's place at last . 
" It's kinda late guys lets go home . I'm really tired " I told them after 3 hours . 
We really stayed out late . it was 2 Am . but we lost track of time . 
" Sure , let's get going " louis said . Harry paid the bill - and didn't even let Louis pay . Typical Harry . 
We got off the table and walked to the door . Harry walked faster and stood in front of it . " Girlfriends first " he said opening the door and taking my hand .That felt really good . The first time hearing him say it - gave shivers through my body .  He can get really cute sometimes - as in the takes my breath away kind of cute . 
I blushed immediately and smiled ." That sounds nice" I whispered and walked out of the restaurant . He followed me and took my hand " It feels nice too " He whispered to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek . 


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