Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


24. Drama queen.

No one's P.O.V

All the boys entered the living room after Louis. All the boys were thrilled that Maisa hasn't left yet . They still had a whole month ahead of them . So they can say proper goodbye .

Zayn for some reason , held on to her hug the most . Which she found really weird . 
And Harry seemed to be annoyed at this sudden affection . 
Well, he certainly knows that she is good friends with all of them , but this just seemed too much. 

Zayn took a seat beside her and they started talking about random things . 

Harry already started planning his first move to convince Maisa to move out. 

He got up to get changed and left his phone next to Maisa. A few minutes later , his phone vibrated near her hand. 

She thought that she obviously had the right to touch his phone. , althought she didn't want to risk having a fight with him . 

Moments later , his phone started to ring . She thought ' what the heck ' and picked up the phone. 

Incoming call from - Sarah . 

Zayn laughed next to her at his phone . He was probably texting someone . 

Her thoughts started to tease her around . Who's Sarah? 

" Um Zayn , Do you know A girl named Sarah that Harry knows ?" She asked not certain that she wanted to know the answer . 

" Um , yeah I think she's his ex . why love?" He asked smiling his adorable smile . 

Her eyes widened and she frowned. " Um, just asking " she said awkwardly and walked away from the boys to answer . She didn't wanna judge him before knowing what's it about. 

Before she could speak , " Harry can't wait to see ya today. Miss you so darn much " She said in a happy tone and sent a kiss through the phone .

 Maisa didn't have the chance to talk before that Sarah ended the call . 

She was frustrated and went back and sat next to Zayn . A few seconds later Harry came and sat next to her putting his arm around her .

 " Hey love Miss me much?" he said and kissed her cheek . " No " She said harshly and pushed his hand away . 

All the boys turned towards them confused and raised their eyebrows .

 " Something you wanna tell us guys ?" Liam asked and chuckled  indicating he already knew the answer .  Louis could barely contain his laughter .  

" Um , Kind of ?" Harry said , more like asked them .

 With a cheeky smile He turned tomato red while Maisa was not affected and turned away from his gaze. 

" I'll go change , excuse me " Maisa said and got up , then threw Harry's cellphone at him. 

He looked at her confused and gave her a questioning look .  " You should call Sarah . She can't wait to see you " Maisa said and went upstairs to her room. 

" What the hell just happened !"
Harry asked frustrated and wanted to go after her.

" I don't know buddy , she asked me who Sarah was and got annoyed obviously " Zayn said hesitantly .

" Be right back " he said getting up. 

" Wait a minute , explain yourself then go , She's still gonna be there when you're done ." Niall said excited . 

He seemed to be getting over her , and accepted the fact that she and Harry are a couple now . 

All the boys were happy for him and patted him on the back .
" You go Man !" Zayn said and laughed . 
Harry just smiled . 

" Can I go now?" Harry asked ironicaly . " Thanks " he said before anyone answered and got up walking upstairs . 

In the mean time Maisa sat on her bed staring at the white ceiling like there wasn't anything else to do . 

" Don't jump to conclusions " She told herself . 
' What would she want from him ' 
' Why'd she even have his new number ?' 
All these questions starting running around in her head making her angrier. 

She got annoyed and got up to call Harry , when the door opened . 

Harry entered the room and locked the door .

She went back the steps she took and sat on the bed. 
" What's wrong?" He asked with a hint of annoyance on his face . Was HE the one annoyed at HER ? 

He still had his back leaning at the door with his arms put together behind his back .
" Who's Sarah ?" She asked with a cold look in her eyes . 
He stood there looking at her emotionless. 
" Harry who's Sarah ?" She said with an even angrier tone. .

" What does she have to do with anything " He asked , his jaw clenched . 

" She called to tell you she misses you and can't wait to see you today " She said and added a fake smile ironicaly . 

" Well I don't . " 
He said walking towards the bed , grabbing her hand . 
She pulled her hand away and stood up , her hands hiding her face as she entered the bathroom and locked the door . 
Harry sat there not knowing what to do . 
" Open up love" He said now standing at the door knocking .
He could hear her lean down and sit at the ground her back to the door . 

" Please open the door " 

" Just go away Harry " She said in a crying voice. 

" I'm not . Open the door . Tell me what's wrong ." he said starting to tense up.

" A part of me never wanted this . Bad things keep happining to me , and with you it's no different " 

" Where is all this coming from ? Let me in " He asked , his voice cold .

She didn't say anything .
" Please " He asked . His voice now desperate. 

He had his forehead to the door with his hands on both the door frame's sides . 
Maisa unlocked the door , He quickly looked up at her red eyes . 
She stood there , Her face titled down and playing with her fingertips, tears fell down her face . 
Harry walked forward immediately , putting his arms tight around her pulling her into him . Her head leaned against his chest . 

" No more crying ." He said , both hands holding her face looking in her eyes . 
she shook her head holding back her tears . 

" She means nothing to me . Just like that night at the party , she meant nothing . You ran away and didn't let me explain " He said pulling her towards him again. 
"She's the one that was in Niall's room with you?" She asked pulling away .

" Well, yeah. That night she .."

" For god's sake Harry " She said , hands hiding her face . 

" I told you so you'd know everything right from the start . I don't want any secrets between us " He said in a weak tone. 

She looked at him and smiled .
" I'm sorry . I'm such a drama queen " and he hugged her once more in his tight grip .
Relaxation washed through both of them . She felt relieved , being in his arms . 
" Maybe " He said and chuckled . 
" But you're my queen love " he said looking in her eyes , she stared at his , then put a finger against his dimple . 

" Seriously? I love your dimples " 
She said smiling , her hands ran through his curly hair, staying there tightining her grip . 
" Not too rough " He said and smirked . She pulled the curls even harder . 

" I can't help it , you're too cute with your dimples and your perfect curls " She said drowning in his emerald green eyes .

" you're beautiful love " He said , staring at her . They both smiled as he leaned in to give her an innocent gentle but passionate kiss. 

" I'm still planning on winning the bet though " He said breaking the kiss , his forehead was against hers . 

" Don't be too cocky Styles " She said smiling .

" Seriously , you're gonna come?" He asked in a more serious tone. 
 " You're not gonna run from the bet too easy " She said with a grin .
" Fine . let's see how this'll go . And to be fair , I'm gonna tell you my plan " He said and smiled .

" Fine , spit it out " she pushed him on his toned chest . 

" I'm gonna treat you the same , just , I'm not ginna smile . Until you start packing your bags " He said and chuckled . 

" Seriously? That's your plan?" She asked looking weirdly at him. 

" Yup . So this is the last smile you'll get for now " He said deepining his dimples and giving her a light kiss walking away . 

She stood there confused. 
" Fuck , he's gonna use his dimples against me " . She said haking her head , Then smiled and followed him back to the living room . 





  Comment guyss !!! do you think she'll be able to deal with not seeing his dimples ? his plan is silly but clearly  , he hit the jackpot . 

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