Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


14. Didn't work out.

Harry's POV

I have been trying to talk to Maisa alone . but Niall was always around . I can't run after my friend's girlfriend . I lost my chance . 

I wanted to stop thinking about her , so i went out on several dates these past two weeks. nothing helped . her smile was incraved in my memory . 

our graduation was next week , i hope i'll get the chance to talk to her before then . 

Niall's POV 

Maisa and I have been sort of going out for 2 weeks now. I know i said to try when she told me that she also liked harry . But i thought she'll forget about him. 

Sometimes i think she doesn't even know i'm there . She gets distracted, not realizing i'm around . and i knew she would think about him. Maybe this was a mistake from the first place . I mean., she loves my friend .! 

I was on my way to get her , i stopped at her house waiting for her to come out . 

" hey blondie" she smiles , gives me a kiss and closes the door. 

" hey love " i said . 

" Hey Maisa, i was thinking maybe we could go to .." i stop as i realize she's not paying attention to me . Again . 

" right?" i ask to see what she's gonna say. 

" Ha? um yeah i totally agree " she says smiling . 

" you agree with what love?" i asked her . " with what you said " .

yeah right . fine . 

" Um, we need to talk . " i start .

" about what ?" 
"about us . Look , i know you told me you liked Harry , and i thought that was just a stage you'll pass through , but the way i see it, you're with me thinking about him ... and it's just not... right " she looks at me embarrassed , " we can't fool ourselves love . it just didn't work out - we'll be the same , the way we were before all this . "  i said hoping not to hurt her feelings . 

She was about to cry. " I'm sorry niall, i shouldn't have done that to you , you deserve better , more attention . please don't be mad at me " she puts her hands on her face covering her eyes .  " " hey , hey there love . it's okay ... we said we'd try first . we did and it didn't work out . these things happen. " i pulled her hands way from her face. and gave her a hug . and that was that .

Maisa's  POV

that was it . I hurt him . i'm such a jerk , he cared about me , he deserved more from me. 

Niall knew i still loved Harry . he couldn't stay with me knowing that.

he said we'll be friends like we were . I  hoped so , he was important to me , and i don't want him to be upset with me . 

Harry on the other hand , the reason for our breakup , has been going out too much . broke the scale i would say. 
I saw him with nearly 10 girls in two weeks . and those are just the ones i saw . My situation would have been a lot worse if i was one of his flings . it's better this way .
I tried to act normal around him . to treat him the same . but something bugged me .. I couldn't stay near him . Our graduation was a week away . I can't wait to start learning at the university . I have to get out of here . Sooner than later.

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