Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


18. Complication

Maisa's  P.O.V 
I walked out of the restaurant after telling Louie and the gang . I tried hard not to let any tear fall . Pull it together Maisa . New life. New Maisa .
I waited on the corner of the street for a cab. 
5 minutes later I got in one , paid the driver and told him the address . 
The ride home that was supposed to be 10 minutes, but it took longer than it should . Making it harder for me not to break in tears . the whole time my phone vibrated . I didn't dare to look .

20 minutes later I was at the front of the house , pulled out my key and unlocked the door . My phone vibrated one more time . Yet I didn't look at it , not even once .
Immediately tears fell down my face , As I entered my room, I decided to take a shower and change . I knew that Louis will be home late . I let the water wash my hair , down my face wiping away my tears . 
I sat there , thinking about all of what happened . Maybe I did complicate things more than I should , but I couldn't help it .
After I changed into my pajamas , and brushed my hair , I picked up my phone and sat on my bed . 
15 missed calls . 
10 new messages . 
I let out a sigh before I saw . 10 missed calls from " curls " . Yeah I still haven't changed the name . Go along with it .
 2 missed calls from " Louie<3" .
3 missed calls from " El bestie " . 
Then to my messages. 
1. "curls: You can't go tomorrow . I'm coming over tonight . "
2." curls: Maisa please pick up the phone " . 
3. " curls: For god's sake are you just gonna ignore me ? " 
4. " curls : please don't. we can fix this M" .
This went on and on for about 5 more messages. . with each one a tear fell down my cheek . I can't see him again right now . 

The last message was from Louis . 
" Louie<3: I'll be home in a couple of hours sis , Harry is coming over . don't wait up . " 
That was an hour ago .
I sighed and got up to grab a suitcase . I started packing some of my clothes and all the basic stuff I needed , I figured I'd come home later for the rest . 
An hour later I was done . 
I don't know what came over me. This was supposed to be a good start . But no , he has to ruin it for me.

By the time the bell rang my eyes were red and puffy from all the crying . That was weird since Louis had his key . 
I wiped away my tears in a hurry and ran to the door to see Louis , my responsible brother leaning on Harry . Louis's arms were around Harry's neck while he was leaning on the other side . Harry looked up at me as if waiting for me to let him in . 
I moved aside making space for him to enter . 
Louis looked at me , all drunk of course . 
" Hey sis , you look pretty " yeah right . Real smooth Louis . That was humiliating . 
Harry just laughed at Louis's words , while I tried to ignore looking him in the eyes . 
He stood in front of me motioning for me to help him carry Louis to his room . 
I went to Louis's other side , and put his other hand around my neck 
We walked towards his room , and when we finally reached his bed he had to knock us both on the bed with him . He landed on his face while his arms were on our necks . Clearly as foolish as I am , I had to ask Harry help me get up even though i was trying to ignore him . . Because Louis isn't heavy . not att allll!!! 

Harry's P.O.V 
She didn't return any of my calls and texts .
Louis was drunk . same old same old . I drove us to his house .then knocked on the door . She opened it , looked at her brother with her red eyes. 
She was clearly avoiding meeting my eyes. 
I was about to talk when Louis began mummbling something at me . 
" hey sis , you look pretty " he said with a smirky idiotic laugh . 
I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of his condition . She threw a look of disappointment at him , then I asked her  to help me move him to his room . 
When we got there , he dragged the both of us on the bed with him . I got up and looked at Maisa . Obviously she doesn't have the strength to get him off her . 
" GET . HIM . OFF . ME " she said struggling to free herself . I gave her a smile hoping she'd do the same . Yeah , didn't work.
I picked him off her and set him down in a comfortable position . 

I got lost looking at her , while she removed his boots and socks , covering him with a blanket . 

" Thanks , you can stay in the guests room or here with Louis . My parents won't be here till next friday . Make yourself at home . good night. " I snapped out of my trance when I saw her looking at me , she told me this in the coldest tone I've ever heard . She didn't give me a smile , her eyes were still red . I've wanted to ask her about that . but couldn't say the words . I knew I caused it . 
" Um , sure thanks . Good night Beautiful " 
She stared at me , a sad look pierced my eyes. She turned around and went to her room . 

I layed on the other side of the bed , put my arm on my forehead and closed my eyes . Hoping to get some sleep . 
Instead I saw her face . 

Maisa's P.O.V
"Um ,sure thanks. good night beautiful  " he said staring in my eyes .
I knew I was too rude , he seemed hurt, yet l didn't help it, and went striaght to my room .
But instead of sleeping I just gazed at the ceiling . Tomorrow is gonna be a long day alright . New start . finally . 
An hour passed . still not asleep. 
No matter what I did . I re-imagined tonight at the restaurant when he held me close and his forehead was against mine . I could feel his warm breath like it was now . 
Then another flashBack From the surprise party we threw him. The kiss . his hug . everything was about about to be ruined after that night . I didn't know it back then . I didn't feel comfortable around him like I was used to . I am tense all the time . 
If he hadn't kissed me , things wouldn't be complicated . He just made my feelings stronger . everyday that passed . 
As I realized tears were falling heavily down my face , I heard the doorknob being turned and Harry stood there . 
I quickly turned my head to the other direction and wiped my tears . 
" Can I come in? I need to talk to you " he waited for my answer . I still didn't look at him .
" It's late Harry , and I have to sleep , I'm waking up early tomorrow . " I said afraid of making the situation any worse . Is there? worse I mean ? Don't think so. I'm in this shit and it's as bad as it can get . 
" Please , It won't take long " he said in the sweetest voice ever . 
I looked up at him and nodded . He entered the room and closed the door behind him . I knew my eyes were red because he just stood half way , looked at my face . His eyes got big - then practicaly ran to the bed and sat beside me . 
" wh- why are you crying?" I looked away , I was tearing up again . My god damn tears couldn't hold back . 
" It's nothing" I said in low voice . but that was enough for him to hear it . 
He put his hand on my cheek and started to lean in closer . His touch sent shivers through my body . I put my hand on his , closed my eyes and said " P-pplease don't " . A tear fell on his hand . He wiped it away , ignoring what i said .
" You can't go " he said in a serious tone . 
" but I'm going Harry , in a few hours ." 
" No , you're not . you can't leave me " he told me , his eyes were shining and had a sad look. .
THis topic was too much for me . I snapped . 
" Leave you ? Leave you Harold ? are you kidding me ? " my voice got a bit louder . I got up and stood in front of him . his eyes followed me . 

"don't you get what I feel at all? It's just a game to you . You're not even sure you even like me . are u ?" I didn't wait for him to answer . "leave u ? we're not together Harry . and don't say shit like that to me . make up your mind already ! I'm tired . of all of it . I'm fucking tired Harry !  " my voice was still loud . he looked at me in astonishment . I broke down , put my back against the wall and started to cry again . I slowly seated myself on the ground as I hid my face between my hands . 

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