Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


17. Broke the last straw .

Harry's P.O.V 
What was I going to do when she goes? I can't be away from her again  .
I could tell that she wanted to ease things up. 
" Yeah , even you curls " she told me that with a sigh and her cute smile. 
I couldn't resist , and smiled back , she's so addictive . 

I tried to make the atmosphere more comfortable and told a couple of jokes. 
She laughed so hard , that she couldn't sit straight . While laughing she put her hand on my back and her head on my shoulder .
 I leaned my heard on hers , The smell of her hair in my face made my body shiver . 

She realized that she was close to me , and immediately pulled away . I could tell she was embarressed. 
Just then , I saw her looking at someone , he was looking right at her , smiling. I gave him a death glare , he just smirked , seemed to feel confident . 

I saw him get up and walk towards our table , boy he's got some nerves ! 
He came and stood in front of us , still looking at Maisa , "Umm, Good evening , I'm sorry to interrupt . " he said with a smirky smile on his lips . This was going to be a long night for me . 

Louis greeted him back with a questioning look . He realized he was just standing there , he started " I'm sorry to interrupt your lovely dinner , but I was wondering if I coul have a word with this beautiful lady " still smiling at Maisa . 

Rage came through , as i realize Louis was gonna talk , " excuse me , but don't you see that she's having dinner with her friends and brother? " I almost shouted . Everyone stared at me with disbelief . Maisa was clearly annoyed at me , she looked in my eyes with sadness and anger in the same time . 
" I'm sorry , but it's up to her to decide mate " he said that laughing.
I just looked at him , I hesitated in saying my answer . 
" Last time I checked I was her boyfriend ,   so if you'll be kind enough to leave , I'd appreciate that . " 
Everyone looked at Maisa while I looked the other way , irritated .

The man walked away , clearly he had nothing to say . I was waiting for her response when she looked up at me " You had no right to Do that Harold , you can't control me " she practicaly yelled at me . I just sat there shocked by her reaction . She wanted to get up when I grabbed her arm " Wait ..." she interrupted me " Let go , now !" I pulled my hand immediately . Her eyes were tearing up . She stood up and went to the restroom. 
I put my head in my hands , then I stood up and followed her . 

Maisa's P.O.V 
" Last time I checked I was her boyfriend , so if you'll be kind enough to leave , I'd appreciate that . " Harry said in a harsh voice . 
I just looked at him . He had no right to get involved in my life, no right ! He's making this harder than it already is for me . 
Of course I wasn't gonna go with that man , but it's up to me . He yelled at him for christ's sake . 
My boyfriend? Yeah right Harold. 
When the man walked away , Harry told me to wait and wanted to talk , I pulled away and went to the restroom fighting away my tears . 

The minute I got there my tears started pouring down . What the hell was that ? I went inside and locked the door . 
I just can't do this anymore . 
I heard someone calling my name , entering the ladies restroom. 
" Maisa, where r u " 
Shit , that was Harry . 
I grabbed a tissue and wiped away my tears and the makeup off my face . 
I unlocked the door and went straight to wash my face .
He stood there watching me . 
" Maisa , I'm sorry " he said clearly upset . 
" Go away " .
I looked in the mirror , my face was all red and puffy from crying. 
" give me a chance to explain " again he said. 
I looked at him , waiting . 
" I said that so you wouldn't be stuck with that guy , I'm sorry if I upset you , just please , don- don't cry " he said moving closer . 

" You know what , let me get this straight . you didn't want me to go with that guy , so you said i'm your girlfriend. well , what if I actually liked him? did you think of that or just about yourself . 
listen to me . You have zero right to interfere in my personal life . You knew I liked you , for years. And when I finally adjust the fact that you aren't ready for a stable relationship , I'm trying to move on. and this little act of yours didn't help . So just , stay away from me. " he grabbed my hand and tried to talk but i just continued .
" I'm not done yet . I'm sick and tired of waiting for you to come to your senses . clearly that's not gonna happen . So i'm moving on . and the first i'm going to do now is go home and start packing . I'm out of here , and that should be the best , for everyone . including Us ." 
"I never knew that you liked me . Don't you think I would have done something about it since i was feeling the same thing?.." he paused .
"but wait a minute , you still have two weeks before going " he sai looking in my eyes with a sad looks , he was starting to tear up . 
" Yeah well, there's been a change of plans , I'm leaving first thing tomorrow. " I said that struggling not to cry .

" What the hell ! you can't just say all that shit and walk away . you can't do that . you comletely just messed me up ! What's wrong with you ? we can still make it right . don't run away from it ." He yelled at me  - then grabbed my head in his hands . and put his forehead against mine . I closed my eyes . " Please , don't bail on me . not now " he said while tears fell on my dress from both of us . " Maybe it just wasn't meant to be you know? you will always fall for other girls . It's for the best ."
I grabbed his hands from around my jaw , still holding them , I kissed him on the cheek . His dimples were too cute o resist. 
I knew I wouldn't be able to stand there if he cried. I pulled away from him and went to the door . He just stood there in shock.
Before I opened it I turned to look at him . one last time . " Hey harry , it was nice meeting you again though . It was fun . Good luck in life ." I held back my tears from falling and gave him a light smile- then walked out the door. 
I know I'll miss him . I thought he was gonna be the one. But hey, god has other plans for me . Hope for the best. 

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