Unexpected love story

Louis had. a twin sister Maisa .
they're 18 years old .. when they and 3 more lads throw a surprise welcome home party to their friend , Maisa is caught between two choices as the events resolve in a way she had not expected. While Louis on the other hand , has a hard time after that particular night .


19. At last

I could hear him get up, then felt warm hands on mine . he lifted my head up , He took my hands in one hand , and put the other on my cheek. 
He looked at me , he was about to cry . crap , now I feel worse . He pulled me into a hug that sent butterflies to my stomach . 
" Don't cry love " he said in the sweetest voice ever , it made me melt . 
I snapped out of it and put my hands on his chest , moving him away from me. " Don't start again" I said as tears continued streaming down my face again  . 
" can I talk now ?" he asked with a smile . I just nodded . 
" you really can't see it ? I love you Maisa " I froze . WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT . " wha-" he put two fingers on my lips . " just hear me out . okay?" 
I nodded .
" I meant everything . every word I said that night. It's everything about you , everything that you do . Your smile makes me weak . Your laugh makes me wanna smile for no reason . I didn't know how to tell you sooner . " He's killing me . tears fell from my eyes again . 
" I made up my mind a long time ago . You're just too damn stubborn and didn't want to listen . I keep playing it inside my head all that you said to me . I lay awake just to convince myself this wasn't just a dream . I see you everytime I close my eyes . Maisa  I'm so sorry . When you stood just a heartbeat away , when we were dancing , and you looked up at me , If I had known then that I'd be feeling this way , if I could replay , I would have never have let you go . " I opened my mouth in shock and exhaled . did he just say that ? I felt goosebumps all over  . He looked at me confused . He got up and walked towards the door . 
I had to speak. Say something god damn it . " H-ha-harry waittt.. " I said in a shaking voice . I couldn't let him go . I love him . And with all that he just said . He wasn't going anywhere . He paused and turned around . " Please just tell me , Am I out of time ?" He said in a desperate tone . I couldn't talk again . I was still on the ground crying . He can't leave . I can't leave now . what am I gonna do . I just shook my head . 
His eyes grew bigger . and a big smile appeared on his face . his dimples showed , and that scene killed me . I melt when I see his dimples . 
He started walking back towards me , I smiled , a big smile . 
" I can't believe I let you walk away when I should've kissed you ." he started saying . When he was finally in front of me , he sat on the ground, came closer , grabbed my face and looked in my eyes . asking for permission . I just nodded and chuckled . He smiled again and gave me a long passionate kiss . we smiled during the kiss but didn't break it . 
We pulled apart . My eyes were still closed . when I opened them he looked at me . " your eyes " he said . " What is it now Harold ?" I said to tease him . 
" They're beautiful " I chuckled , he gave me another hug . This one was stronger . 
All of a sudden ,he stood up. 

Harry's P.O.V
I stood up and got out of Louis's room . 
I had to talk to her. I walked slowly to her room , opened the door and asked if i could come in. Eventually she just nodded . I have to tell her ! as I came closer to her , she was crying and tried to hide it . I stared at her questioning , then sat beside her . She said it was nothing . 

When I put my hand on her cheek she told me to stop and closed her eyes . I told her that I didn't want her to go , not to leave me. I know that's selfish . but I can't let her go just like that . 

Then she snapped . she poured out all her heart , the broke down on the floor . I couldn't see her tears falling , it hurt me . I knew that was the time to tell her.  
I leaned down ,took her hands from her face , and hugged her .  then I put my hand on her cheek . It felt good to touch her , I felt her shake a bit . again she told me not to do it . 
" can I talk now ?" I asked her with a smile . Her eyes were red from all the crying . she just nodded . 
As I started talking I saw she went in shock . I told her everything I felt . EVERYTHING . She didn' t speak . She just looked at me. I said I was sorry . yet no reply . 

I decided to go home and let her be . I didn't want to upset her , she didn't deserve it . 
I was about to walk out the door . 

" H-ha-harry waittt.. " 
I looked at her teary eyes . 
I waited , but she didn't seem to be able to talk . 
" Please just tell me , Am I out of time ?" I said . I was desperate  . She was still on the ground crying . I didn't want to  leave now . 
Then she shook her head. 
I felt a smile grow on my lips , as I looked at her . she takes my breath away . every time . 

I started walking back towards her , still smiling . she chuckled . 
" I can't believe I let you walk away when I should've kissed you ." I told her .
I stood in front of her and leaned closer . I put my hands around her face , looked at her , I wanted to kiss her . I waited till she nodded then did it . 
Finally . I felt her smile .

When i opened my eyes , Her eyes were still closed . she is beautiful . I thought to myself . When she opened her eyes  " your eyes " 
" What is it now Harold ?" She teased . she's so cute . 
" They're beautiful "  I hugged her again but it was stronger now . 
Finally , I stood up . Carried her bridal style while she started to laugh and shout . 
" I can't do it love , sorry" I smiled and kissed her cheek. 
I entered Louis's room and put her down . " Why are we here ? " Her eyes paralyzed me . her hair went down her back , her smile was too cute. I couldn't help but smile too . 
" you'll see" I said in a mysterious kind of way. 
" don't get too cute and show your dimples " she said. I smirked and said " oh yeah , what are ya gonna do about it little lady ?" I said and pulled her closer . I can tease her too you know. she put her hands around my neck . Then she looked around , " Harry ! Louis's here for god's sake " she backed away.  " so what ? he's wasted . don't try to change the topic . what r ya gonna do ?"
 I was certain that Louis was way too drunk to notice us. 
She chuckled 
"God your dimples are too cute " she said and jumped into a hug , put her legs around my waist and arms around my neck . she kissed my cheeks softly , just then , I turned my face and locked our lips together . She tightened her grip around my neck and smiled during the kiss . When she pulled away . " I'm in love with you " I couldn't hold it in me anymore . 
" I love you too" blushing.  she whispered in my ear . I missed that she called me curls. 
" yeah yeah I know " I teased ." back to the plan . "
" what plan?" she asked confused .
"Can you go start the shower for me babe? " I asked her in an innocent way . 
" sure " she smiled and went into Louis's bathroom . 
just when I heard the sound of the water , I picked Louis up and followed her. Clearly , he had no clue . 

" What the heck are you doing ? " she asked " Oh no , no no , he'll kill us both " she said as she realized what I was about to do. I gave her an evil smile, she chuckled and backed away , just to be safe.
I walked under the water carrying Louis . 
" Uuhhhh , WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU " he shouted  . Maisa and I started laughing . 
Louis's clothes and mine were soaked in water . 
" Yeah , you're awake buddy . now take a shower , sober up and get dressed , we're going out " I smiled and went back to his room . 
Maisa followed me and gave me a towel and some of Louis's clothes . 
" Going out where you jackass " I heard him shout . 
" You'll see mate " I told him and laughed . 

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