Never Let Go

Carter Ramsi and Niall Horan have been best friends since the 1st grade. Now, juniors in high school, Niall has seen what a beautiful girl his best friend is. It hits him one day that he is completely in love with Carter. What will happen when Carter gets the news that her parents are splitting up and she's moving thousands of miles away? Will Niall tell her how he feels? Or will it be too late..

**Note: This is my first FanFiction. I would appreciate it if whoever reads it leaves honest comments, I'm thinking of doing another but I'm not sure if I'm fit to write books lol Thanks!(: xx


2. The Flashback

Nialls POV:

We were outside of the café we always went to after school to do homework. The weather was beautiful. It was just peaking into spring and there was just a light rain shower, but it was fifty degrees. After Carter broke the news we went for a walk. We stopped when we got sick of walking, which was at a large field. I still couldn't process this news. I can still picture the two of us just meeting. We were 5 and my favorite color was blue at the time and we were drawing our houses in class. I wanted my house to be blue and so didn't Carter, (You can see why we are best friends). We fought and fought for that blue marker till we were crying and our teacher had to put us in separate corners. The next day she came up to me, her caramel hair in a braid, her big blue eyes gazing at me. "I'm sorry I took your marker yesterday. I never thought that two people could like the same color." She then gave me a little timid smile, the same smile she gave me the day we bumped into each other in the hallway after I moved out of town for a few years. I remember looking up and seeing those eyes and that smile. We were in our first year of secondary school and when I saw her, I knew exactly who she was.

Carters POV:

We sat in a field for awhile not saying anything. "Do you ever think you'll ever come back?" asked Niall. It was so quiet between us I jumped a little when he spoke. "I sure hope I do Niall. I don't know how I'm going to survive without talking to you for a long time. Yeah we can email each other and Skype, but it's not the same as this." As I said this, I looked around. Nothing surrounded us by trees and the sound they made when the breeze came through. Niall looked at me sadly and said "Well, I'll never let you go." What did he mean by that?

Nialls POV:

"Well, I'll never you go." I knew as soon as I said that, I wanted tot take it back. It just blurted out and I didn't mean to say it at all. I panicked because I thought that she'd figure something out. Something that I've never told anyone. I haven't even told Carter. On that day her and I bumped into each other in the hall and I looked into her eyes, I felt something in my stomach. It took me till she told me she was leaving to figure out what it was.

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