Never Let Go

Carter Ramsi and Niall Horan have been best friends since the 1st grade. Now, juniors in high school, Niall has seen what a beautiful girl his best friend is. It hits him one day that he is completely in love with Carter. What will happen when Carter gets the news that her parents are splitting up and she's moving thousands of miles away? Will Niall tell her how he feels? Or will it be too late..

**Note: This is my first FanFiction. I would appreciate it if whoever reads it leaves honest comments, I'm thinking of doing another but I'm not sure if I'm fit to write books lol Thanks!(: xx


8. Surprises and Heartbreaks

Carters POV: When I woke up after the best time hanging out with Harry, I woke up next to him. I felt like the luckiest person alive. He is still so stunning even right when he wakes up, I don't think it's fair. I woke up with him on top of me and giving me a kiss. Who would want to be waken up any other way? When I kissed him back it hit me that he was laying in MY bed.. HARRY in MY bed!! Then I thought, why is he here?? My mom's going to kill me!! I pushed him off me and stood by the side of my bed. "What's wrong?" "Harry, what? when? Why-" "Carter.. relax, you're moms not coming home till late tonight, it's okay" He got on his knees, kneeling on my bed and gave me a hug with his arm around my waist. The doorbell rang which made us both jump. "If it's my mom and she forgot her key, you just got here!" "Got it." He gave me a kiss and I ran down the hall. I opened the door and couldn't believe what I saw.

Harrys POV: "OMG NIALL!!!!!!" I was putting my shirt over my head when I heard Carter yell. I've never heard her so excited. I opened her bedroom door to see if I could see what was going on. I looked through the crack I made with the door. I saw my girl, my love in the arms of someone else. He was short, blond. Her arms were around his neck and he lifted her in the air in a hug. They stayed like that for at least minute. I was starting to heat up. I opened the door all the way and started down the hallway. I standing in the doorway to the kitchen when Carter saw and they let go of each other. Carter stood there blushing. He looked at me. He looked like he's seen a ghost. "Hey" I said.

Nialls POV: As soon as Carter opened her front door and I saw her standing there, I almost fainted. She looked like she's just woken up, but she was still so stunning. Her face it up and we were both lost for words. She yelled my name at the top of her lungs "OMG NIALL!!!!!!" "Carter" I said under my breath as I stepped in and she jumped into my arms. I missed her hugs a lot. We were in what I thought was the kitchen when she started to let go. I didn't want to maker her uncomfortable, so I let her go. I thought I heard someone to my left. I turned my head out of suspicion. There, was standing a guy, about 5'11, brown curly, wavy hair. There was not one flaw with him. He looked mad or shocked. "Hey" is what he said. He was looked like he wanted to kill me. "Um, Harry this is Niall my best friend. Niall this is Harry, my boyfriend" She walked to his side. He glanced at her and put his right arm around her wait. "My boy friend.. My boyfriend.." I felt like I was hit by a truck. I was too late.

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