Never Let Go

Carter Ramsi and Niall Horan have been best friends since the 1st grade. Now, juniors in high school, Niall has seen what a beautiful girl his best friend is. It hits him one day that he is completely in love with Carter. What will happen when Carter gets the news that her parents are splitting up and she's moving thousands of miles away? Will Niall tell her how he feels? Or will it be too late..

**Note: This is my first FanFiction. I would appreciate it if whoever reads it leaves honest comments, I'm thinking of doing another but I'm not sure if I'm fit to write books lol Thanks!(: xx


4. Nerves

Nialls POV:

"Hey Niall! My mum just told me that we're leaving today, because her new boss needs her immediately! I'm sorry I couldn't give you a proper good-bye. I'll email you when I get a chance! xx- C

When I woke up the next morning, I had to think of a way to tell Carter how I feel, and it had to be soon. I rose out of bed and looked out my window. It was raining again, but it was Friday so it's kind of a relaxing day anyway. I got took a quick shower and threw on my ASOS sweatshirt and some sweats. As I walked out the door, I gave my mom a kiss, threw on my white Nikes, and went to my car. I took a deep breath and started the engine. I started to back out when I realized I forgot my phone on my bedside table. With my car still running, I jumped out of my car, ran into my house and down the hall to my bedroom. I pressed a button on my phone to see if it was on when I noticed I had a text message- It was Carter

Carters POV:

On the plane ride, all I could think about was having to send Niall that text message. Ugh. I should of called him just to hear his voice, even if it was his voicemail. I was surprised about how upset he was about not meeting up after school at the café. It wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be.

Once my mom and I got settled in a couple days, I had to start at a new school. Here in America they call it high school, and I'm considered a junior. It was towards the end of the school year so I was nervous. Will anyone like me? What about my accent? Will I be made fun of? My mum told me not to worry about it, and that I'll make friends instantly. I only had Niall for the longest time, no amount of friends here could ever replace him. I got to school and I had to go to the front office to get my classes and a map of the school. I thanked the receptionist and walked out of the office. I took a left towards the library and I noticed a group of people, who looked my age, in a corner next to the double doors to go into the library. As I walked by, I felt someone starring at me. I looked to my right and I saw a boy leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets and the group was laughing around him. He was probably the cutest boy I have ever seen. Where were these cute boys back in Ireland? He was wearing a light blue Jack Willis tee-shirt, black jeans, and white converse. When he saw me look at him, I quickly looked away. I sneakily moved my eyes to the right just so I could get one more look. He was now laughing with the group as if he never saw me. His smile was so perfect and so big, it melted my heart. I then turned into a corner where I could hide just to clear my head, when I saw two blonde girls, who looked too pretty to be in school walked by. I followed them with my eyes to see where they were going when I heard "Hey Harry!!!" Harry then looked up and gave an awkward smile. "Harry...Harry..." kept repeating in my head, and I got butterflies in my stomach. I snapped out of it when the bell rang and it scared me. I looked back around the hallway and saw no one. I half ran to room 304 where my English class was. I walked in and everyone stopped talking and all eyes were on me. As I walked to the teachers desk to introduce myself, their eyes followed. She told me to take a seat, I saw one open in the back so I quickly made my way and sat down. As soon as I sat down  I heard a low, comforting voice come from the left of me- "Hey."

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