Never Let Go

Carter Ramsi and Niall Horan have been best friends since the 1st grade. Now, juniors in high school, Niall has seen what a beautiful girl his best friend is. It hits him one day that he is completely in love with Carter. What will happen when Carter gets the news that her parents are splitting up and she's moving thousands of miles away? Will Niall tell her how he feels? Or will it be too late..

**Note: This is my first FanFiction. I would appreciate it if whoever reads it leaves honest comments, I'm thinking of doing another but I'm not sure if I'm fit to write books lol Thanks!(: xx


6. I Love you?

Carters POV:

"No way!"

"haha yeah way! He then told me its on next Monday!"

"Oh my gosh Harry that's great!"

Harry told me he got a gig at a local restaurant. He's an amazing singer, and he's trying everything to get seen by someone famous. We were at a café downtown, (something about me and cafes..) and we were having a bite to eat. When we finished we went to the sidewalk and started walking. We laughed and talked till we got to the center of town where there were two large shrubs with a pond and fountain in the middle. There was a green bench perfectly centered in front of it all. Harry and I sat down and tried to catch our breath. It was a little chilly and the sun is just starting to set. The sky was a beautiful mix of pink and orange and the clouds were narrowing down, almost making a clear sky.

Harry shifted more towards the end of the bench and turned to face me. I turned a little to see what he was doing. He sat there for about a minute staring at me. I looked into his green eyes and I could tell he was thinking. He put left arm on the back of the bench and put his right hand on my knee. I felt something tight in my stomach and I started leaning in when I saw him leaning in, as if something was pushing my back and had no intention on bringing me back. I closed my eyes as soon as our lips touched, and there was a spark. As he kissed me, I kissed back and I didn't want to stop. He moved his hand to cup my cheek bone and came closer to me. I let go a little bit and so didn't he. I opened my eyes and saw his already staring at me. He then looked horrified.

"Oh my.. I'm sorry.. I-"

"Harry. what? why are you sorry?'

"I love you Carter" When he said it he looked like he was mad at himself for saying it. He looked down and played with the corer of his flannel shirt.

WHAT? Did he just tell me he loves me?! I was such shock my mouth dropped and I knew I had to look like a complete fool.

"Harry.. I don't know what to say except.."

He looked back up to me with a hopeful look in his eyes. "Except what?"

And that's when it hit me.

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