Me,Myself,and I

This girl has been heart broken to many times will she ever love agian?


3. One Direction

                         So I am a HUGE fan of 1D they were all so cute! I had the biggest crush on Leim he is one of the One Direction members. Well I liked him for about 15 days but then I started to like Harry for 10 days. Then there came Niall Horan I started getting interested into him when I noticed he was not the same as the other boys he had blond hair the rest had brown. What really caught my eye or should I say my ear was he had a Irish accent he was Irish! Right when I heard his accent I fell down and started crying. I happen to be Irish to and I really miss my home. I can't afford to go back home. My mom sent me here because we were really poor so she said I needed to help make money for the family. She also said when I do make enough money to I can spend some of the money and I could come home. She had no choice because my little brothers and sisters are to young to do this kind of stuff and still have lots to learn. So then I started getting into Niall. Let me just say the things i've learned about Niall. He is so sweet and I am not just saying this but 97% of the facts i've learned we have in common. Now if your thinking "well you dont have 100% othe things in common you guys aren't met for each other." Let me just say if you have 100% things in common with a guy it would just be weird cause you will already know everything about each other you cant learn anything new. So yeah. Now here comes the hard part. Going back to school.

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