Me,Myself,and I

This girl has been heart broken to many times will she ever love agian?


5. Niall

               Well so far you know how its been going at school. Its been a few days and I am learning so much about Niall. Once he cried when a groupe of girls said he did not belong in the band. Once a girl fan had a few cuts and scrapes so he kissed them. I also heard when he hugs someone he buries his face into their necks and that is why everyone always wants his hugs. Just now I learned he would date one of his fans and right now he is a guy who is waiting for his princess!! Now i've started relizing how much pain i'm feeling in my heart area and it feels like a heart attack. I have been spending so much time learning about him and never thinking about meeting him. So now he is like my crush and I have to meet him and his band members. The plane tickets and stuff so I can go viset him is to much money.The next day I woke up crying I had another nightmare and part of it was seeing Niall kissing another girl. Just recently I have been going through so many issues so I have been crying myself to sleep it has been really hard on me. How am I ever going to deal with this whole punched into my heart. The only thing that can heal it is finding my love. I have been trying to find ways to earn alot of mony. So far no luck.

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