Me,Myself,and I

This girl has been heart broken to many times will she ever love agian?


2. First day of school

                                    RIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!! Okey class its time for lunch don't be late for your next period. The teacher said. SNAP!! You knowI have the loudest locker I thought. Hi I heard. Comeing from a familiar voice. It was Matt one of my best buddies. Ello I said back in a goofy way. HaHa lol we both said laughing. Then every thing got quiet and slow as I turned around because I heard a veary familiar voice. It was Dominik. He was my biggest crush ever. Sam? Sam?! Then I snapped out of it. What sorry I was trying to think about something. I know you like Dominik. He said grining. Dont tell anyone. If you do I will KILL you. I said harshley. OK OK I wont but I need to go so I wont be late for lunch. Hey you want to sit next to Chris and I? Matt asked. No thanks i'm not that hungry. I was walking to the ladies room to wash my face then there was Dominik. Right around the corner its time to make my move. Oh look there's Tori my friend. I started walking towards Dominik when Tori started talking to him. What was she saying? Ok I think she is going to leave so I can finally make my move but she didn't leave yet nope. Instead she leaned over and kissed him then they walked away giggleing and holding hands. This time I ran to the bathroom so I did not see anything elese I felt light headed for the rest of the week and cried myself to sleep every night hugging my knees. I felt hurt. We went somewere and there was a sikeik. So I sat down and this is what she told me. She said i'm going to get married at the age of 23 and i'm going to have twins some day! The whole way home I smiled and I thought to myself forget about Dominik you are going to get married some day but that worked for about a day. I am a big fan of a British boy band called One Direction I love them soooo much and thats when it all started.

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