Me,Myself,and I

This girl has been heart broken to many times will she ever love agian?


4. Back To School

             Heyyy!!!!!!!! Matt I said with a HUGE smile across my face. Ello Matt said. What are you so happy about? Nothing. I just am. So how is your luck with Dominik? He asked. I frowned. I am soooooo over him. I snorted. Already? No offence Sam but nobody will want to go out with a girl who moves on with that kind of chizz that quick. Matt said. No offence taken. I have my reasons to get over stuff like that quickly and its a darn good reason to I protested. What is your sooo great reason? Matt said while rolling his eyes. That at is for me to know and for you to not worry about I said in a sassy aditude. We both started laughing. RIIINNNGGG!!!!!!! Hey Matt i'm not going to lunch agian. Okey Matt said. See you later. Toodleydoo!!!! I went up to Dominik. Hey Sam he said. Hi Dominik. I walked past feeling great. Hey Tori!! Oh hey Sam!! Whats up? So whats going on with you and Dominik????I said grinning. How do you know? Tori asked. I happend to catch you guys in the hallway a few days ago. Oh don't tell anyone please. I really don't need anymore drama right now. Ok I wont well I got to go.

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