~ Summer Love ~

Emily bumps into a man of the past who leads her to the love of her life - however the traumatic events she's suffered before her summer holiday returns to haunt her.


2. Trust.

Emily's P.O.V:

"Uhm, Niall? What are you looking at?", I asked nervously. He'd spent 5 minutes just looking at me. Maybe he was thinking.. or maybe he just thought about how much of an idiot i was. I just stood there, playing with the hem of my shirt, looking up at him. He was tall, a good 7 or so inches taller than me. I felt so tiny stood in front of him. "You..", he whispered, sending a shiver through my spine. "Are you cold?", he asked me, a little too concerned. I shrugged my shoulders, meaning yes but showing him I didn't care. 

He stepped closer to me, and memories of my brother flooded back to me, this boy, he was a stranger, I didn't know him, but I trusted him. I saw something in him and i didn't back away as he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into him as he kissed my head. I felt my cheeks burning, and the butterflies in my tummy told me this was right. It felt right. I hugged him back and after a minute we both pulled away. "I'm sorry," he started, looking a little glum "I just needed to hug you.." I hugged him once again, resting my head on his chest. "It's fine, i liked it," i smiled, my cheek pressed against his shirt.

He looked down at me and broke the hug. "Maybe you should tell me why you're here.. and why you look like this", he waved his hands up and down my body, gesturing to, well, all of me really. I looked down and cringed. I was a mess. My clothes were torn and blood stained. One shoe on, the other I lost running, and one of my ankles a lot larger than the other - although I didn't notice the pain till I stepped back and lent on it. I drew in short breaths as tears streamed quickly down my face and I fell to the floor, hitting my bottom hard. "Shit," he cursed. "Are you alright? Look come back to mine with me, we'll get a doctor out in the morning to see to your foot, but for now you need to rest!" I just stared up at him, mesmerized by his gorgeous, thick Irish accent.


Niall's P.O.V:

She still looked perfect. Lying on the muddy ground, her shirt raised a little, revealing skin on her stomach which she clearly didn't notice. I lent down and swooped her into my arms, carrying her bridal style from behind the shed and towards the gate of the park. I'd carried her for almost 20 minutes now, and I didn't stop to put her down as I struggled opening my front door. I heard the lads cheer, and cringed. This was going to be hard explaining how I'd come across this girl, and why I was carrying her into our house. "Niall.." she whispered, looking up at me. I stopped as we reached the living room and set her down, but kept my arm around her waist, helping her keep her balance. "Yeah babe?" I replied, she shook her head when she noticed the boys rushing into the room.

"Woah, Niall, what have you done to her?", Harry yelled as they all burst out laughing. I kept a straight face. Sure, I loved a good bit of banter, but this wasn't the time. They soon noticed the look on my face and stopped themselves. "Guys, could I talk to you's later? I need to, uh, help Emily." I said in a flat tone. I hope they didn't think I was mad. They all nodded and walked out of the room. I looked over to Emily, god she was beautiful, but she could probably do with a shower. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up stairs to my room. I shut the door behind me and turned to her, "I'm sorry about the boys, they can be a little - well they don't tend to think before they speak." I said, as she sat down on my bed. 

"Please can we talk, I mean, I know your name, but what happened? You can tell me, I'll be here for you..", I trailed off as I saw the look on her face, she looked like she was about to burst into tears any second. After a few minutes of silence she took a deep breath and started.....




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