Broken Strings

Who was playing that day? And why can't Eleanor forget the tune?


13. Slur

So Eleanor waited. She stayed sat next to Alex, trying to ignore the fact that he was leaning on her, whilst she listened intently for a sound from another student.

"How much longer?" 
"Three minutes Sir."

Eleanor sat up straight and pushed Alex off of her shoulder, he slumped forward and continued to sleep.

"Right then, so I have a new student?" The first voice asked again, it sounded like a young mans voice.
"Yes Sir, she's... Supposed to be quite good." Eleanor recognised the second voice as being Daniel's. A much nicer Daniel anyway.
"Well I gather she's quite Daniel. Or she wouldn't be here. Just how good is she?" the first man asked again, a sense of boredom in his voice that Eleanor found slightly annoying. "Oops, nevermind." he added as the bell rang and Eleanor jumped up. "See you Daniel!"

There was a sharp click and the classroom door opened. Alex fell backwards through the door, and Daniel came out. "Oh, you're here early." he said completely blankly before stepping over Alex and walking down the corridor. 
"That's because I woke her up!" Alex scowled after him before standing up and walking into the class with Eleanor fast behind him.

"You don't like Daniel then?" she asked, taking the seat by the window next to Alex. 
"No-one likes Daniel. That's why he is the vice-president." Alex replied whilst stretching and grinning at his own joke. 
"Come on now Alex, I happen to think Daniel is a very gifted young man!" Another voice sounded happily. Eleanor looked up to see an extremely tall lady, with long blonde hair an scarlet lips.
"That's only because you think he's cute you pervy old man." Alex snarled as the 'woman' adjusted her scarf and smiled awkwardly. 
"Now now Alex, that's no way to talk to your teacher. Don't make me punish you." She added with a wink as Eleanor stared in disbelief.

"That is Ms Waters. She's a man." Alex told her bluntly.

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