Broken Strings

Who was playing that day? And why can't Eleanor forget the tune?


12. rest fermata

"Fuck, still late... Come on hurry up!" Alex announced as he lifted Eleanor off of the bike an allowed her to stand on solid ground. "How can we still be late?" Eleanor panted as they ran past students who were still standing around talking to friends.
"I'll explain when we're there." Alex replied quickly, jumping over a wet floor sign and skidding around a corner with Eleanor in tow. "But" Eleanor began, but Alex shook his head and accelerated his pace.
"No talking. Only running." he explained, grabbing Eleanor by the wrist and pulling her after him as they dove down corridors and staircases. "Here!" He finally cried after about 5 minutes. Stopping abruptly in front of a bright red door.

"Don't just stop!" Eleanor complained, rubbing her nose after having headbutted the back of Alex's skull. 
"Sorry, but the door is still locked..." Alex replied, stepping aside and allowing Eleanor to attempt to open the door.
"Locked? But I thought we were late!" she stated, frowning at Alex as he sat down on the floor with his back against the door, closing his eyes and fiddling with his lip piercing. "Are you even listening to me?" She asked, gently nudging Alex in the arm with her violin case. "Yeah kind of, but it's really early..." he muttered quietly, opening one eye and squinting at her. Eleanor stared at him in disbelief. 

"We're... Early?" Eleanor asked him quietly as he continued to play with his piercings. "You're telling me we ran all the way up here, and we're... Early?" she repeated through gritted teeth as he nodded and smiled at her. 
"Harriet asked me to make sure you got here on time, so I thought I might as well get some exercise out of it" he replied with a grin that reminded Eleanor strongly of George. "Fine." she replied, avoiding his eye contact and sitting beside him.
"Fine? Is that it? You looked like you were going to rip my head off a few seconds ago..." he muttered, picking at his fingernails in boredom. "Well... Yeah but... I guess I'm tired..." Eleanor said in reply as she stared up and down the corridor, taking in the surroundings and reminding herself of her situation. "Fair enough, I was out pretty late so I didn't sleep much either" Alex prompted, resting his head on the door and closing his eyes. "Wake me up when the bell rings."

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