Broken Strings

Who was playing that day? And why can't Eleanor forget the tune?


8. Form

As Eleanor was pulled out of the building she began taking as many mental notes as possible as to where she was being taken. As far as she could tell, Harriet had taken her left from the school gates and kept walking in a straight line. She couldn’t be sure of this however, because they kept being stopped by various students and taking detours so Harriet could show her the nearest shops. When they finally arrived at their destination, Eleanor was surprised to see that it was a rather splendid looking, if a little run down red brick town house.

“I know it isn’t much, but we ‘ave not ‘ad many music students in a while! I do ‘ope you get along with ze others!” Harriet explained as she knocked on the front door and stood beside Eleanor.
“I love it! It looks so charming!” Eleanor re-assured the worried looking Harriet as she knocked a second time. “Are you sure? It really isn’t much...” Harriet sighed, glancing at the chipped paint and then at Eleanor. “Hatty” Eleanor began “It really is lovely, and it’s already bigger than my house back home.” She said firmly with a smile as Harriet shrugged and faced the door as the sound of footsteps and voices disturbed the atmosphere. “Oh well, ‘ere we go Eleanor”

The door opened and Eleanor was face to face with a boy with shaggy dark purple hair and multiple piercings. “Allo Alex!” Harriet called, giving the bewildered boy a hug and walking into the building hand in hand with Eleanor. “I ‘ave brought you a new friend!”

Despite Harriet’s introduction, it did not look like the other student sat in the kitchen was there to make friends. Sat in front of Eleanor at the dining room table was an extremely irritable looking teenage boy. “Come along Alex! We need to introduce!” Harriet called over her shoulder as the purple haired boy shuffled back in and leant against the fridge. “I don’t have time for this I’m afraid, I have football.” The particularly familiar looking boy with slightly curly brown hair scowled, standing up and striding past the two girls. Harriet looked at Eleanor and smiled apologetically; “That was William... He is my little brother” she explained “He can be grumpy at times...”

Eleanor looked back up at the room and noticed that only the purple haired boy remained.

“Alex, where is Arthur? Oh, and has the new boy returned?” Harriet asked, taking Eleanor by the hand and leading her upstairs. “No idea and not yet” the boy replied, remaining in the kitchen and watching silently as Eleanor was dragged up the stairs by an excitable Harriet.

“Welcome to your room Eleanor!” Harriet exclaimed as they reached the door furthest from the stairs. Harriet turned the handle with a click and gently pushed Eleanor inside.

“Wow” Eleanor whispered under her breath as she looked around the small, but impressive room. All of her things had been divided between a matching set of aspen wood drawers and wardrobe. There was a thick cloth hammock hanging on the sloping ceiling that had been stuffed full of quilts, duvets, pillows and sheets. The only window in the room was a bay window situated next to her small silver music stand, and the sun was shining through and filling the room with a warm glow. “And ‘ere is your violin!” Harriet announced, opening one of the boxes beneath the hammock and producing the violin case. “Oh, and I need to help you find a uniform!”

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