Broken Strings

Who was playing that day? And why can't Eleanor forget the tune?


5. Fieramente

The next few days went by so fast Eleanor had trouble recalling just how she had ended up sat on the white leather seats in the back of a big black care, hurtling down the motorway so fast every light seemed to blur into one magnificent glowing line.

“So music huh?” The driver asked her patiently after about 20 minutes of completely silent driving. Eleanor nodded silently and continued to stare out of the window at the lines of golden light that was guiding her to her new life. “Haven’t had many new music students in while you know; it’s all about sports and science now-a-days. Such a shame...” Eleanor looked up at the driver as he flicked the gear stick the gear stick with ease and continued to drive. “Am I the only one?” she asked shyly, “the only music student this year I mean?” she added hurriedly. The driver chuckled and adjusted his mirror so he could see her better;
“I never said that now did I missy? I’ve driven three other students for music this year I think. One of them tried to get their harp in the back seat with them!”

Eleanor sat back in her seat. Knowing she wasn’t going to be the only student in her class felt like a massive weight taken off of her shoulders. She smiled and squinted as the car entered a tunnel and she was bathed in warm orange light.

“We’ll be about 10 more minutes if you want to call up your parents and let them know” the driver reminded her as they exited the tunnel. “Oh thank you, but my dad will be working at the moment and I can’t really interrupt him” she replied, checking the time on her phone before putting it back in her bag. “Oh really, what does he do?” the driver asked merrily
“He makes and repairs Violins actually!” Eleanor explained, placing a hand on her own violin case and smiling to herself. The driver smiled too and took the exit from the motorway. “Well in about 5 minutes you’ll be making him a very proud father.”

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