Broken Strings

Who was playing that day? And why can't Eleanor forget the tune?


9. Arietta

And that was exactly how Eleanor spent her first day in the academy. Sat in a wardrobe that was bigger than her new room, surrounded by a group of Harriet’s friends who seemed to think of her as more of a doll than a fellow student.

“You’re so tall Eleanor!” one would say whilst rummaging through a box of knee socks.
“And so skinny!” another would chirp in as she through skirt after skirt out of the wardrobe.
“Just like a model!” yet another would say, causing a chorus of agreement.

“So Eleanor, is there a boy back ‘ome?” Harriet asked as Eleanor tried on her tenth pair of shoes.
“Oh, um... No not really” she muttered in response, her mind flashing through all of the faces she had left behind. “Really?” one of the girls asked, jumping into the conversation and staring hard at Eleanor. “Why not?”

“Um...” Eleanor stammered “Well there was one guy, but we kind of... grew apart I guess?” she explained, feeling herself blush slightly as she thought back to George and the way he was always pushing her to be her best. “Ah well, plenty more fish in the sea oui?” Harriet smiled kindly, handing Eleanor one more pair of shoes. “Thanks Hatty”  

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