Broken Strings

Who was playing that day? And why can't Eleanor forget the tune?


11. Affrettando

"Um... Are you awake or what?" 
"I think she's still asleep."
"Oh right... Well should we wake her up or what?"
"I say we let her sleep. It's her own fault if she's late."
"William we have to wake her up..."
"Fine whatever. I'm going to get going before I'm late."

Eleanor squinted as a light spray of water hit her in the face. "What the?!" she muttered, wiping her face and rolling over in the hammock. "Come on... Get up already" someone muttered before a second spray hit her.
"What time is it?" she groaned and poked her nose out of her covers.
"8:10... We have 5 minutes for the 10 minute walk to school..."
Eleanor snapped her eyes open and fell out of her hammock sideways. "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME SOONER?" she shouted, scrambling around on the floor and picking up her uniform. 
"Um... I guess I forgot you were here? I'm not used to having to wake people up, I've never shared housing before..."
Halfway through pulling her shirt on over her vest, Eleanor turned around to face the speaker and blushed bright pink. 
"Are you going to let me change?" she asked pointedly, as the tall purple haired boy stood in her doorway staring at her. He raised his eyebrows slightly and seemed to hide a smirk as he turned and closed the door behind him. 

After she was dressed and had tied her hair into a plait, Eleanor opened her door only to walk straight into the purple haired boys back. "You done?" he asked without moving an inch. 
"Yeah..." Eleanor muttered quietly, feeling herself turn bright pink again as he turned around and moved aside. 
"Then we better get going. Have you got a bike?" he asked, pushing her gently towards the stairs. 
"Um... not exactly no..." she replied, taking the sandwich he held out to her as they walked past the kitchen. The purple haired boy stared at her before shrugging and picking up a school bag. "Oh crap my stuff!" Eleanor cried, realising all of her school stuff was still in her room. "Go upstairs and get it, I will give you a lift on my bike if you want." The boy offered casually. 
"Oh thanks..." Eleanor smiled, pausing and realising she couldn't remember the boys name. 
"It's Alex, you're Eleanor right?" he helped, smiling slightly as she nodded and ran up the stairs frantically.

As Eleanor returned to the door, with violin and school bag in hand, she was shocked to see that Alex's 'bike' was actually a rather expensive looking motorbike. "Here, wear this" He instructed, handing her a helmet as she sat behind him. 
"Seriously?" she asked, staring at the luminous yellow helmet in her hands. 
"Well it's the only spare I have, and I'm not letting you ride without it." Alex grinned, turning and giving her a look that let her know he was serious. "Fine." she muttered, putting on the helmet and feeling the machine beneath her start to move. 
"Hold on tight!" He called as he set off with Eleanor grabbing onto his back for safety. "Seriously, don't let go!"

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