You make me go weak

Megan is just a normal 18 year Girl when she bumps into the Niall Horan! Will they get together? Or will this be a one time thing? Read this Movella to find out!!


6. Chapter 6

It was nine now only five hours till i see her.Lets hope these hopurs past fast.

Nialls POV:

I took a nap but i ended up sleeping for 4 hours! I quickly got up took a shower and changed into some sagged jeans and a blue polo shirt and black surpras. by the time i was done it was 4:35. It took 20 minutes to get there so i grabbed my wallet,phone,andkeys and i was off. When i got to starbuck i didnt see her.I noticed her when she turned around her hair was straitened.Thats why i didnt notice her iv only seen her with her hair curly.I saw her pearly whites when she turnwed and smiled showing off her cute little dimples.

Megans POV:

 I was really nervous.I got to starbucks I waited for about 20 min and he still wasnt here! I turned on my phone and checked if i had any new messages.No. He probley blew me off for something better. I was just about to leave when i turned aroud and saw him looking like a lost puppy. When he saw me his face brightend up.He came and sat down.

1 hr. later (at Nialls flat)

I ended up driving home changing and going to Nialls.When i got back he had movies,blankets,and party snacks awaiting me! We had started to watch Love Accully.When the movie was over i found my eyes droping and soon later I feel asleep on his lap.

Nialls POV:

We were wating the movie my arm was around her when i felt her fall and her head was now on my lap and she was asleep.She looked so peaceful.I stroked her hair and picked her up and took her to my bed.I was just about to go downstairs to sleep on the sofa when i heard my nmae being called in a morning voice i turned around and walked back over to the bed.She asked me where i was going and i said the sofa i turned around once again but she caught my arm as she stood up.She said she would sleep on the couch but i refused to let her this went on for a while when she just finally blurted out that we could both just sleep in the bed together. I was shocked by what she just said but calmed soon and got into bed with her.I pulled her close as she turned around and put her headt on my chest.I slowley fell asleep to to falling and rising of her stomache.


Authors note-

Sorry for all the short chapters! This is my first moveelas so im not really good at these things yet! Thanks for reading this! Bye will update soon!

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