You make me go weak

Megan is just a normal 18 year Girl when she bumps into the Niall Horan! Will they get together? Or will this be a one time thing? Read this Movella to find out!!


4. Chapter 4

I hopped in the shower and got ready for my date or so i thought was a date.

Niall's POV:

She said yes it was already five so that only gave me a hour! I hopped in the shower,spiked my bleached hair, and picked out something to wear. I deiced to wear a black polo shirt with some jeans that i sagge just so you could see the waist band of my underwear.I topped of the outfit with some red supras. It was 5:45 when i realized she had no idea how to get here! I pulled out my phone and saw a new txt awaiting me.

From Megan(: - Umm I dont know where you live

To Megan(: Just thought of that! Its 5463 South Nortcouart rd. See you soon!xx

I was scrolling through twitter looking at the usaul hate and following some of the nicer fans when i heard a knock at the door. I opened it up and there she stood looking beautiful.She was wearing a hot pink Hollister shirt and some light blue holey skinny jeans and to top it off pink vans. Her hair was curled and she had a little pink eyeshadow and just a liitle mascara and lipgloss.I had to say she looked good no not good great! When I snaped back to reality i looked at her she was blushing she obviosly noticed i was checking her out.

Megan's POV:

I noticed he was checking me out but it was really hare and when he looked at me, he noticed me blushing and chuckled and told me to come inside. I looked at the huge house and was amazed! It was a beautiful! He Noticed me in shock and chuckled as he told he to take a seat so i did. We were just about to start playing 20 questions when 4 boys burst through the door all i heard was Niall groan and the boys laughter until they noticed us. They all got quiet. Niall got up and i could hear him whisper leave as the curly haired one was checking me out then told Niall that I was hot. After they left we played 20 questions which was fun and we watched Pitch Perfect! Fat Amy is hilarious! We were having the best time throwing popcorn at eachother and laughed when we missed! I think im in love with Niall Horan. Not the Niall Horan from One Direction that girls dream about every day. The normal teenager Niall Horan from Mullingar Irealand. When I Got home after the night of my life i dozed off thinking about that certan Irish boy.

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