You make me go weak

Megan is just a normal 18 year Girl when she bumps into the Niall Horan! Will they get together? Or will this be a one time thing? Read this Movella to find out!!


3. Chapter 3

When I finally read it, it said..

Niall's POV:

When I finally read it said

From Megan(: - Well not really but im really suprised you even texted back! If you feel like your being forced to txt me..stop. I hate it when people do that.

I felt sorta..bad. That she felt that way.

To Megan(: - Well Thats okay! And I dont feel like Im being forced!! I mean i did give you my number!!

I dont know why i feel this way. I mean im only texting her and im all shaky and am really nervous.

From Megan(: - Okay lol Sooooo watcha doin??

To Megan(: - Ummm nothing much just playing Fifa with Liam


Megan's POV:

From Nialler! - Ummm nothing much playing Fifa with Liam

Yes i did change his contact name to Nialler! Anyway i didnt really think he would keep txting me back like he is. I didnt really know what to put.
To Nialler! - That sounds fun!

I locked my phone and put it in my backpocket and went downstairs to get something to drink. I felt my phone buzz then start playing my ringtone A Team by Ed Sheeran. I looked at the txt from Niall.

From Nialler! - Hey umm I know we just met and all but i wanted to know if you wanted to stop bye later so we can meet properly.

O.M.G! I can not belive Niall Horan just asked me out! Well i think he did? Even if he didnt he still wants to meet up!

To Nialler! - Sure! What time?

From Nialler! - Umm would 6 work?

It was 4:30 right now so that should give me enough time to take a shower and pick out the perfect outfit!

To Nialler! - Perfect!

I hoped in the shower and got ready for my date or so what i thought was a date.

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