You make me go weak

Megan is just a normal 18 year Girl when she bumps into the Niall Horan! Will they get together? Or will this be a one time thing? Read this Movella to find out!!


2. Chapter 2

I pulled out me phone to check twitter and something else fell out with it.


Megans POV:

I saw the napkin with Niall Horans Freakin number on it!! I wasnt exactly a fan but he still was a celeb! I got home ran up to my flat and txted my BFF Brittney.


 To BFF Brittney(; - Hey guess what just happend to me!!

She replied almost instantly and she is a huge directioner!

From BFF Brittney(; - What?!

To BFF Brittney(; - I was at starbucks and someone bumped into me and guess who it was !! You will be so ciked!

From BFF Brittney(; - Who?! I hate it when you do this to me!!

To BFF Brittney(; - Niall Horan from One Direction!!!!

Instead of a txt I got a call from Brittney.

When I anwserd my phone I was suprised i didnt go def buy how loud she screamed in my hear!! She was still back in America but was flying out next week and moving in. I could tell by her voice she wasnt fully convinced since before i left America i told her i was moving to London to stay with One direction and she belived it. She can be pretty dumb when it comes to One Direction. I told her i had to go and with that i hung up. I stared at the napkin and back to my phone this went on for a while until i decided to txt him. I clicked on new message and began to type.

To Niall- Hey its Megan. The girl you bumped into at Starbuck I guess your probely waiting for this message. Oh gosh who am i kidding you probley wont even read this message!! Well yeah relpy if possible!!xx


Nialls POV:

I was playing fifa with Liam and was losing big time when i felt my phone vibrate. I paused the game and ,Liam Got really mad, I looked at my phone and saw a  number that i didnt know I opened the txt and read what it said. Her name is Megan. I decieded to txt back. That is why i gave he my number right?


To Megan(: - Hi! I like your name! Its a very pretty name and of couarse i wount read it im on my phone all the time!! Silly!! Well one question are you a fan?

I clicked send and when it said read at the bottom of the screen i got realy nervous. I got all shakey and Liam noticed and asked if I was alright. I nodded. She started to txt back when i got the message. When i finnaly read it, it said...


Hey guys i will update tomarrow i have to go to bed for now! Bye(:

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