You make me go weak

Megan is just a normal 18 year Girl when she bumps into the Niall Horan! Will they get together? Or will this be a one time thing? Read this Movella to find out!!


1. Chapter 1

Megan's POV:

My Names Megan and I just turned 18 so i got kicked out of my house.I flew up to London to try and start a new life. I ahd just moved into my flat and decided to go to the nearst Starbucks. I got a taxi and made my way to Starbucks. Once i got there I ordered a Mocha Frappe With extra wipped cream (Sorry iv never been to star bucks~Authors Note) and sat at a table right in the middle of Starbucks. i was getting up to get some sugar but not paying attention so I ran in to a guy with shaggy bolnd hair with a little brown in the back.I could not see his face but he was wearing a red polo shirt with kakis that sagged just a little. i felt the hot steming lquid on my clothes and i was wearing a white shirt so he could see through at my blue leopared print bra.My cheeks blushed to a light pink. i could finally see his face and i thought i had reconiased that face before then it hit me i had just bumped into THE Niall Horan and split coffe all over myself! I saw a hand waving in front of my face face when i snapped back to reality.He was offering help while I was just standing there looking into space.He had some napkins and tryed to wipe the mess up but since the coffe was spilt all over my boobs he didnt realy do anything. igrabed the napkins an began to wipe some of the coffe off.

Niall POV:

I was sitting at the flat me and the lads shared and they were all complaining that they wanted Starbucks and i was pretty annoyed so i told them i would go Lou jumped up and gave me a big hug.Once he got off I got in my car and drove off.I arrived at Star bucks ordered and while i was waiting i wasnt really paying attention and bumped into someone. It didnt look loike she was paying attention either I  tried to talk to her but she was just staring to spae.Igrabed some napkins But the coffe was spilled so i could just see through her shirt it was in a area that i didnt think i sopposed to touch so i didnt. She finally snapped back to reality and took the napkins away.I saw hwer face and i thought i was inlove her Blonde hair blue eyes she was just perfect. I ran over to get more napkins but asked someone for as pen. Once i got one i wrote my number down on the little Napkin.i ran back over to her she pretty much had the mess cleaned up. she was jsut about to leave when i slipped my number in her backpocket.

Megan POV:

I was in the taxi trying to get the rest of the coffe off. I pulled out my phone to check twitter when something else fell out with my phone.

Authors Note-

HAHA! Wait till later and i will update and see megan reaction! Will be back on in about an hour!! Bye love my fans!!(:


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