What do you teach? How to love

Hi everyone! This is my story... A story about my relationship with Harry Styles, a curly haired boy who made me fall in love. Who is he? He's my Maths teacher.......I know it's wrong but he's so perfect. Anyway, this is my first ff so please give me a chance........ Hope you'll like it! Love ya'! Jade .xx


1. Prologue

My name's Jade Smith, I'm 16 years old and I'm attending the third year of High School. I'm quite tall, I've got long brown hair and brown eyes, freckles, dimples, red cheeks and my skin is fair. I'm very good at school, I mean I always get very good marks and in my free time I like going out with my best fiend. Her name's Julie and she's  very cute, helpful, friendly and above all she always makes me laugh when I'm sad with her stupid but at the same time funny  jokes. If I had to describe myself I think I'd say that I'm friendly, kind and shy. I've never had a boyfriend but just because I've not found the perfect one,yet. This year we'll have a different Maths teacher, and we are so scared because we know that Maths is one of the most difficult subjects ever and changing the teacher means that we have to restart and cancel what we have done until now.  I hope it's a woman because I just think that women are less strict than men...... This is me!

MY SPACE Hi!!!!!! This is my 1st ff and I'd be very happy to know what you think about the story....... just to know if I should update it or not. This chapter is short because it's the prologue so the others will be longer. Love you!  Jade.xx

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