Pigs can Fly!

Mary Brooke lives in a minuscule flat in the middle of London with her mum and brother John and sister Lucy. Get set to go on a fantastic journey to prove that pigs can fly!


1. The Zoo

" We're going to the zoo!" John declared." The zoo, the zoo, the zoo!"

"Calm down, John" Mary said " We still have an hour until we go so go and play on your DS or something."

That's me. Mary Brooke. I have one brother and one sister. My life sucks.  I live in a tiny flat in the middle of London.  I share a room with John(my 4 year old brother) and Lucy ( my 3 year old sister).  They are

both too young to play with me now I'm 11.  Anyway, I have to go now.  My mum is calling me to get the picnic ready for lunch.  See you soon!

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