This is a short story about a female vampire trying to protect her baby from those who want to kill it. She is chased by a species called the Fallen, a evil race trying to kill this baby because its half vampire half wolf.


2. Promises



The red walls were coated in centuries old blood. molding 

limbs covered the stone floor. The stench was suffocating. Colt strode across the floor raising his eyes to the group of creatures that stood before him.

"well?” He demanded harshly.

“Sir, we have a sighting of the woman,” The man spoke with confidence. Positive he would be praised for this discovery. He was not.

"Then why is she not dead, and the child here?" Colt growled.

The men squirmed uncomfortably, until one man, Jason, dared to speak up. 
" Your father took her."




I woke in a dark room. I was alone at last. Or so I thought, when my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness I noticed the walls moved.

I shouted out, "Let me go!"

I wanted my release, demanded it. How could someone just come in and steal me away like this? I shouted out once more. They would not answer me. The walls annoyed me now, They would not stop there incessant wriggling. I reached out my arm. maybe it was just me and the walls were still. I had to check. I moved closer to lay my palm against the wall of wriggling black, and felt the wall move beneath me. Except it was not the wall. Thousands upon thousands of spiders swarmed down upon me ! They covered my entire body pinning me still. I now realized where I was. The vampire hell chambers! Reserved for the deadliest of species; but what was I doing here?  They covered my face, scuttling over my tightly closed eyes. I would have screamed but they would have crawled down my throat.



Colt had escaped his fathers wrath, barely. When he was stabbed he had shifted to his true form, and tore his brother to shreds. Yet Colt knew he still lived and had now received news he had captured Kate. Colt traveled to the one place his father would hide her in true secrecy ; the vampire hell chambers. Colt would die here, but Kate held the next heir, tonight Colt would fight his father in true form and see once and for all who the true alpha male was. 



"The baby has to die.It would grow to be the greatest monster the world has ever seen. Colt was a full blooded wolf and Kate a vampire. This baby a dangerous mix; visions show the child upon bodies of the dead, uncontrollable and blood thirsty. This child will be the end of both species and make its own to rule the world" Michael groaned "Uuuughhh"

Yes tonight the child would die. He only hoped his son would not stand in the way for he would see his death delivered.

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