This is a short story about a female vampire trying to protect her baby from those who want to kill it. She is chased by a species called the Fallen, a evil race trying to kill this baby because its half vampire half wolf.


3. Death




Colt entered the chambers confidently; Tonight he would die.But he would be damned if he let Kate. He was so caught up in his own thoughts; He did not notice the beasts behind him. The gun was raised. the muzzle aimed toward his head.

Three shots fired. "Bang" "Bang" "Bang!!!"

 A roar of anger ripped out from behind his lengthening fangs as immediate pain rippled through his shoulder. This was it. Battle on. 




I saw a man step into the room his face unrecognizable. Mauled by centuries of scars he bore no features, just a twisted mass of skin upon bones. This was the Gatekeeper. For centuries he had tortured the damned who resided here. Fear flooded me, as a strange whistle filled the air. The ground shook vigorously while the spiders receded grudgingly. I saw him inching closer stalking me like he would his pray. I saw him mercilessly carve the skin from my stomach as I lay there crying out in indescribable agony. I knew he wanted my baby, I had to stop him!  The fate of the entire species rested in my hands. I tried my wrists, could they move? Yes!  I waited till the fallen had risen his arm once more and BANG! I looked up petrified. Sure of my death. I saw colt in his true form.His bloodied fur was matted, his sharp blue eyes intense.  He stalked forward his eyes fixed on my baby. I had to get out. 




Colt tore his way through the beasts. They held no contest to him. He shredded, murdered, and maimed to fulfill his mission. He had to save the baby. when the last beast was killed, Colt stood and embraced the scene. No mercy for the monsters that have no mercy. He neared the prison room he could sense Kate inside. Colt slowly opened the door to reveal her covered in blood and pale. all the skin from her stomach was gone and there was a wide gash revealing the child. He had to save her!




I vanished. We appeared in the woods from my vision. My vision! I knew what was coming and I had to escape; Blood pored down my body from my wound. Through the dizziness fogging my eyes I saw Colt stagger to his feet after getting us out of that hell.

He grabbed my hands and hauled me up to. As I faced away from him he murmured in my ear.

" I don't know what vision you think you've had of me, but its my father trying to kill you not me. I love you Kate, I will always love you, and i'll do everything I can to save our baby- "

I barely had time to blink before a vicious growl ripped through the air. A huge black wolf leaped out from behind the thread like branches, saliva dripping from behind monstrous fangs, claws like knifes tore at the dirt craving skin, blood red eyes glared at us.This was it. The fight between father and son began, as the second part of my vision came true. Sure enough eight monsters of men surrounded the manic wolves as they growled and fought.  There fangs erupting from black gums and dripping venom. The fate of the world was in there hands! 

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