In The Sky ~ Chapter 2

For the 'Branch With Us' competition. Keep in mind we take it turns to do paragraphs (IceCreamGirl does paragraph one, Diego<3 paragraph two etc.)


1. In The Sky ~ Chapter 2

A monotonous voice announced that the train had reached its destination, as the train slowly drew to a halt. Izalla picked her bag up and quickly stood up, pushing her way through the crowd of people to get to the empty platform outside, a thin trickle of people walking down it towards the ticket machine at the end. The cool wind blew across her face and she sighed, relieved to be free of the confined train and out in the open.

Izalla quickly darted her eyes through the huge collection of people, wrinkling up her nose at the dusty fumes from cigarettes. She was peering around for one accessory in particular, which belonged to her dad; a red beanie hat which he had been wearing everywhere since he got it for his fiftieth birthday party. That's when Izalla spotted a hand. No beanie hat was in sight but a large, masculine hand was waving towards her. The man with deep red hair, and no hat, smiled at her. Her dad was found.

Raising her hand and smiling, she sprinted over, long hair flying out behind in the wind. Her dad opened her arms as she crashed into his chest, embracing him in a warm hug. But he pulled away far too early, placing large hands on her shoulders and stepping back.  "Come on, let's sit over here, and we can talk about this." Izalla had known he was going to ask about her sudden arrival, her mum had probably called him. Reluctantly she let him lead her over to a damp bench, keeping a firm grip on his hand as they sat down.

"There's nothing to talk about," Izalla replied, sighing, tracing a shape on her bench.

Her dad sighed, trying to remain calm but finding it a challenge. "Yes there is. You know perfectly well that you shouldn't have-"

"Shouldn't have what Dad? Come here? It's too late for that." She traced the shape again, quicker this time. That's when she began to examine it. A hieroglyphic. Her mouth opened slightly, her ears blocking out all sound from her dad. She turned back to her dad, intending to coldly make a small remark. That's when everything went dark again. Screams conflicted each other, mostly by women. But her dad wasn't comforting her like he usually did when there was a situation that scared her. He didn't say anything at all.

Frantic, she reached out for him, yearning to hold his hand, anything to stop the crushing blackness. But her hand only brushed against the cold bench, not reaching the shape she so longed to find. The air seemed darker than ever, the screams becoming muffled, as if they were coming from the end of a long tunnel. Her breath came in short puffs from her mouth, getting faster and faster in time with her heartbeat. As she felt along the seat of the bench, her fingers brushed a red-hot shape. Crying out in pain, she yanked her hand back. And just like that, the lights turned back on. Brighter again, she had to shield her eyes just to make anything out. But no one else seemed to notice the change. All they did was look nervously up at the roof of the shelter and shake their heads.

Izalla let a tear slip from her eye. She looked frantically around the crowd, urging to find her dad. "D-dad?" She asked. "Dad?" She looked closely at every person in the room, allowing herself to quickly slip off her shoes. "Where is my dad?" She looked to the floor, spotting only scrapes of mud on the yellow floor.

"I know where your dad is," a cold voice called from beside her. She turned her head towards the voice only to spot the shadows looking back at her. The speaker was concealed deep within them.

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