[almost] kidnapped

these five friends almost got kidnapped thank god someone else was there


1. Oh No!!!

This insane story begins in a town called Sistersville, Kentucky. There were five kids [Maya, Leah, Connor, T.J. and Ari] going down the street and a black van comes screeching down the street. The kids start to run as fast as they can. They start to hear footsteps start to run after them! Maya screamed the “The alley way.” And they darted for a shadowy spot. They heard someone say, “They went this way.”Ari, she grabbed her knife out of pocket, Maya did the same, but of her boot. Those two we’re the ones to protect the other three. The people who were coming stop right in front of them, but didn’t see them. Maya said,”Ari stay back!” they two guys stared to run down the street. We looked out and we saw the people try and catch a person. I’m guessing it was a guy because of the short hair but the person being robbed turned around and stabbed one in the back and the other one got so he went after him.

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