Secret Secrets Are No Fun

Nora Greene is a normal, typically girl until one day she finds an envelope on her front door step. She's being followed. By whom she wonders? As it goes on, she finds out that she can't trust anyone in her small town, not even herself.


2. Secret Number Two

"Nora!" My best friend snapped. We were sitting in our small town book store/coffee shop drinking hot tea like we always did on Sunday's. My friends, Ivy, had long wavy black hair that was always in a side braid with a knit hat on top of her head, she wore thick black glasses, had no freckles, and was very tall for a girl. She was very pretty but no one seemed to notice because of how smart she was.


"Sorry." I whispered sipping my tea. "I just have a lot on my mind."


Ivy gave me a long stare then sipped her tea, "Boyfriend alert."


I turned around to see my boyfriend, Miles Sander. He was a very sweet guy who has been there for me since we were kids. His brother, also a twin named Clark, was also dating my sister. Miles was a good height for a guy, not very tall or short. His hair was cropped and bleached blonde. It was a dare he made with his brother which wasn't bad at all. He gave me a wide smile then kissed my lips. He grabbed a chair then sat down giving Ivy a smile.


"What's up ladies?" He asked giving us both a sexy smile.


Ivy rolled her eyes, "Nora is lost up in her head."


"You okay?" He asked me. He took my hand and kissed it like he always did when I was upset. It didn't make me feel any better though.


What was I suppose to tell him? Well, darling, I found a letter on my bed the other day that had a picture of me in it by some crazy stalker or a joke that wasn't even funny. I haven't told anyone and I don't plan on it. It was probably just a joke someone came up with. Maybe Sky. My sisters friend who is freaking crazy I the head.


"I'm fine. Just tired." I said then sipped the tea. It was warm on my lips, making my inside nice and warm, calming even. Miles looked at me for a few seconds then smiled. He had a nice smile. It almost warmed me inside.


"Well. Did you girls hear about the new guy and girl? They moved in next door to ya Nora. I heard they had to move because the sister is like a psychopath. Pretty crazy." He asked taking my tea away. He brought it to his lips and drank it to the last drop.


Ivy snorted, "I don't believe in rumors and you shouldn't even talk about them!"


I nodded in agreement, "She's right. She is probably just misunderstood."


"I just want you to be careful, Nora." He says. He kissed my lips.


"I'm always careful." I whispered. Ivy gagged then got up.


"I'll leave you guys to it." She laughed then left.


Miles laughed then told me he was going to give me a ride home. Once I agreed, he left to get the car. I was alone for what seemed like forever. What if it wasn't a joke? What if that creep was watching me right now? I shook my head. It was just a joke. Just a joke... 

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