Secret Secrets Are No Fun

Nora Greene is a normal, typically girl until one day she finds an envelope on her front door step. She's being followed. By whom she wonders? As it goes on, she finds out that she can't trust anyone in her small town, not even herself.


3. Secret Number Three: I hate her

She is beautiful. Everything about her. Her long hair, how she smells, her clothes. Everything. I loved her and yet she didn't even know. She never notices me. She is always with him. Her boyfriend. He didn't know her like I did. It made me so mad but when I saw her today, sitting alone. I just knew that I had to be with her. Everyday. So much of me wanted to walk in and ask her what she thought of my photo. The quote I put. I hate how she didn't know what I meant by it. I hate how stupid she is. I hate her so much sometimes but soon she will become smart. Soon she will love me.

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