Secret Secrets Are No Fun

Nora Greene is a normal, typically girl until one day she finds an envelope on her front door step. She's being followed. By whom she wonders? As it goes on, she finds out that she can't trust anyone in her small town, not even herself.


1. Secret Number One

My name is Nora. I have lived a normal life until one day I found a letter addressed to me that my father, a FBI agent, left on my bed without even giving it a second look. Once I opened it, my whole life changed before my eyes.


In that letter was a picture of me. Yes, me. Not my twin sister, Hattie, who was indeed my identical twin sister but in this picture you could see my scar. The scar that you could only use to tell us apart. When I was little, I cut myself with a knife because my mother who was a druggy wasn't watching me. Now that was probably the only way you could tell Hattie and I apart.


We had the same curls that went to our mid-back the color of the sun, freckles across our button nose, a thin top lip but a fuller bottom lip the color of roses, eyes the color of grey stormy sky but hers seemed to be more bluer than mine but no one else seemed to noticed, we were the same height, same weight, same everything until you got to the scar on my face next to my right eyebrow. It was long, thin and very noticeable. I use to hate it but I seemed to embrace it in middle school. Now in high school, as a sophomore, this picture popped up.


It was of me walking my American Shepard, Onyx, in my blue hoodie and work out shorts. I wore that outfit two days ago. Added onto the picture were the words: Secret Secrets are no Fun, Secret Secrets tell everyone.

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