Secret Secrets Are No Fun

Nora Greene is a normal, typically girl until one day she finds an envelope on her front door step. She's being followed. By whom she wonders? As it goes on, she finds out that she can't trust anyone in her small town, not even herself.


4. Secret Number Four

I walked into my two story house with Onyx on my heels. He was a very big dog and the color of the whitest white I have ever seen. He was very protective of me as well. I had him ever since my mothers melt down. He protected me from her and from strangers. If he didn't like you then I knew that person would lead me to doing something bad.


I was almost through the door when he started to bark. I looked to see the new family moving in. They had a son named Asher and a daughter named Olive. She seemed off to me. She had a bob cut which was a wild purple and white color. She wore black all the time and never wore shorts or teeshirts, even in this dry, warm weather. She wore lots of makeup as well. Dark eyeliner with black eye shadow and lip stick.


Asher is different though. He had lip choppy hair that was worn like he just rolled out of bed when everyone knew he probably spent hours on it. He was very, very tall. He stood at least 6'6" with muscles to match. He had these light brown eyes that shinned in the sun. He face was smooth, perfect. Lips. Everything. He looked as if he was fake, almost like a movie star.


Olive looked at me. She gave me a stare that sent goose pimples down my arms. I looked at Onyx. He didn't bark at all this time. He looked at her then at me. He swatted his tail then trotted in the house. Olive gave me a wicked smile. I turned on my heels and slammed the door behind me.


She was weird. Very weird. She gave me the creeps but I didn't want to judge her without knowing her. That's what my dad always told me. But what if she was the one who slipped the letter in my mail box?


I shook my head then looked through the mail. I found another letter addressed to me. I opened it without eve thinking to find another photo. It was me. In my room. Getting undressed. I dropped the mail and almost screamed. I ran up the stairs. I ran into my room and stood in the spot where I was in the photo. I turned the back of the photo to find the saying: Beautiful. Not a joke... 

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