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William , got chosen to go to a university but also to be The Wanted's drummer what will he chose?
You will find out with the help of his little sister!


1. Chapter One | Little Talks

"WILLEEYYUUMM I'M HOME!!!" I yelled into the house me and my brother shared 

Yep we live by our selfs,William is my older brother , he goes by Will, Liam and well William  haha I love him to death ,"Where are your parents" you may ask?  well they died from a flu that was going around in Mexico , well at least my dad did , my mom died from her lungs getting inflated, one day she couldn't take the pain so..bam she was gone with a blink of an eye  but before she did that she told my brother that to take me with him to new jersey

yes i am upset , but there was nothing i could've done, they didn't discover  the cure for the flu untill my dad died  which i think is plain out bull shit 

anyways ...

I walk into the room and see him siting at the dinner table
"So how was school?' he asked taking a sip of his coffee  yess he's drinking hot coffee during the summer   , but yeah that was his usual conversation starter  

got a problem bro?

No i'm not talking about will i'm talking to you guys .


"" i said in monotone   and also like he should aready know that , which he did and bragged about  his day to me ,

I walked towards my room to set my back pack down ,
yeah we live in a simple home, no mansion or two story house just a simple  house with three rooms and two bathrooms

"True. Hey I heard Mrs.Champ got fired is that true? "  He asked

I got a cup and walked towards the freezer where the Ice tray was. i cracked both sides until  some popped out,

"Yeah , She was caught  cussing a student out, for an old lady she has a really bad sailor mouth , " I said as i dumped the ice cubes into the blender and then the coffee& the Coffee Cream  .

"I knew she was gonna get fired sooner or later, she always was the teacher who hated me and gave me bad grades because of that, " Will said standing up and adding water to the ice tray again and then putting it back in the freezer ,

"Yeah , i was so happy i didn't have to take her class last year"  I said getting a cup and adding chocolate syrup to the cup

"So how was the first day of work? " I asked after the large chunks of ice were gone   while he was taking out the whipped cream  out for me,

"Okay...I met this girl .." He started while i dumped the cold substance into the cup, and then added the whipped cream ,

"ohhhhh, tell me, OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE GONNA GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES " I said mimicing him when he mimics me when  i talk about  The Wanted or  some other band

"OH MY GOSH , " Realizing what they have to do before they have the babies,,,,,

"Calm yo ass , "  he said all ghetto
"I met her today at work , she's nice and all  but i just met her " he said taking deep thought into it

"I like how you want to get to know girls before you actually "get" them "  I said taking a sip of my homemade mocha ,
Leaving a whipped cream mustache 


Yeah not my best but yanno .. who is gonna read this poop 


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