This is about Caitlin and her life so far.
(based on real events in her made up past)

As always, please please tell me what you think, Im always looking for feedback.x


4. Relationship Status- Searching

It was 8pm when Chloe and her mum pulled up in front of my house.

"Caitlin, their here!" mum called from the living room.

"I know!" I shouted back.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Usually I hated dressing up for any occasion, but if I was going to do this, I wanted to do this properly.

I was wearing black skinny jeans, a white vest blazend with a comic book style Pow!, and my plimsoles. Id painted my nails black (I never really got the hang of nail art) and had my hair in a high ponytail.

I looked pretty awesome.

 I grabbed my keys and my phone, shoved them in my coat pocket and yelled a quick bye to my mum before running down the stairs and out into the cool night air.

Chloe gave an excited wave from the backseat and pushed open the door for me to get in.

"Hey Caitlin!" she said, ajusting my parting a little.

Hey," I replied, swatting her hand away. "Thanks for the lift Mrs Jones."

Chloe's mum turned in the drivers seat and smiled. "Thats alright love, you look great by the way!"

I blushed as she span back round and started the engine.

Chloe rolled her eyes and pulled up the sleevles dress she was wearing, which looked a little tight.

I laughed and slumped back in the soft seat, watching the streetlights flicker on as we drove.


We pulled up at a neat house  in the posh part of town, quite close to where Shake was. There was loud music coming from the house, and you could hear a buzz of laughter and talking.

I gave Chloe a puzzled look as she winked and got out the car.

"Okay you two, have a great time. I'l see you around 11sih tomorrow Chloe." Her mum said as I slamed the door and joined Chloe on the pavement.

"Kay Mum, bye!" Chloe rushed as she slammed the door and started pulling me up the front path.

"Chloe! What the hell are we doing here?" I said as Chloe turned to me giggling.

"My mum thinks we're at a sleepover tonight, so we have the whole night to get you a date!" she giggled.

I gawped at her.

"Chlo!" I tried to be annoyed, but her giggles were infectious so i was laughing too. " I thought we were going to Shake?"

"We are silly!" she said, still sniggering.

"Chloe! You made it!" A voice pulled us out of our laughter.

"Hey Monica!" Chloe said.

I turned round to see a tall, tanned girl skip out the door. Her dark wavy hair cascaded down her back, and her skin tight blue dress left little to the imagination.

She smiled at me.

"And you must be Caitlin! Come in, come in! we're just about to leave."

"Leave?" I said, puzzled.

"Yeah, for Shake!" Monica laughed, sticking her head back into the house and yelling

"Okay guys, lets go!"

There was a roar of approval as loads of teenagers came flooding out the house and down the road to the nightclub.

"Come on!" Chloe yelled, pulling my arm as we stumbled after the crowd of laughing and shouting people dissapearing into the night.


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